Monday, March 16, 2020


23 degrees this morning but the sun heated things up to the high 40s
by late afternoon.

 I closed off the smaller pasture to let the grass start to grow
and opened up the outdoor arena so they could nibble around the edges.

 As soon as I opened the gate, the horses went out there.

 Look at that handsome dude....

 Phoebe had already gone in the house and I had to move my
car (that had been parked back by the front paddock so Gary 
could move the shavings for me the other day).  Little Wonder
joined me and we drove it up by the house.
 I sat out on the porch again, but that didn't last very long
as it was still in the 20s.

 We had some good light late afternoon.
There sits my uke....

 Karen had chore duty.

 I had already made the chicken soup a couple days ago, so dinner was a snap.

If this lockdown lasts until July or August, we
are all going to have cabin fever.  Now restaurants
are closing and some are offering take out or delivery.
Our county now has 11 cases of the virus but I know
there are a lot of people walking around who don't 
know they have it.  New York state's numbers are soaring.

Hope everything is good with you....

Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Hope you all stay safe and well, scary times for everyone. At our Doctor's surgery this morning, mandatory to put alcohol based sanitiser on your hands and a "keep back a metre from the receptionists" is now in place. Thank goodness after today, we can phone in for any new meds.