Friday, March 13, 2020

Late Night Snack....

We have not any junk around for days, so last
night at 10pm I made some brownies.  Using a
muffin tin was perfect.  Milk chocolate and I 
threw in some walnuts.

 It was raining this morning when I went out to do chores, 
so I loaded up hay nets and put them under the shed roof
and in the indoor.

From there I went to Tractor Supply and my final trip to Wegmans.
That was interesting!  No paper products and most of the meat was 
gone off the shelves.  People also complained that there was no
canned soup or pasta.  I have never experienced this in our community.
Fortunately the rain stopped.
Gary had a nice fire going when I got back to the farm and
it put me into sleep mode.
I made chicken salad
 and chicken stock out of the roasted chicken
we had a couple nights ago.

 It was nice to see the sun, tho we were having very high winds.
 I put the chicken salad on greens and topped it with homemade poppy seed dressing for dinner.
 The duration of the evening is going to be spent like this.

The big gig we had at the Library in May has been postponed until September.
Just another of many things that are being cancelled in our community.
I hope this virus thing is not going to be a real long ride.
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

It may be. Our governor has decided to close all schools as of Wednesday. Our bank has asked us to bank on line or use the drive up. Churches are setting up services on line and the store was interesting yesterday. Limits on many items, but I'd already made my list and had taken care of 'stocking' on essentials a while ago.
One thing I learned from a Grandmother and mom was how to make things from scratch.
Things will get dicey for a bit I think.

Nancy J said...

More events cancelled here, stricter measures for passengers coming in, and those flying to any Pacific Island.So far the supermarkets have kept up with most items, but I see hand wash in pump bottles is empty in some places locally. However it is not alcohol based so the SING as you clean will apply there. Hope you have ample horse, doggie and cat food.