Monday, March 9, 2020


I think this is my favorite photo of Steph.
Today she is 52 years old!  Hard to believe.

The sunrise was quite spectacular and so was the rest of the day.  A high of 64!

 It was over 50 degrees when I went out to do chores.
 I took the blankets of the horses before turning them out
and rolling was immediately in order.

 The sunshine was a real upper.

 Good light was hitting the shower when I got back in the house.

 After lunch I dragged the indoor 3 times to get the footing back in shape.

 Berlin had not rolled and her coat was shiny.
She held her weight through the winter.

 The garlic has started
 popping through the leaves.
 Any day now we will have to finish loading up 
 the ugly dumpster so we can get it out of here!

 Karen had chore duty and we are now putting the horses in a little later.
Dinner.....a new salad
 and leftover pasta.
 We never get sick of this meal.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Sunshine is the great uplifter of all. Never mind the rolling, and this should have been first off the rank, Happy Birthday Stephanie, according to my perpetual calendar, Saturday March 9th was a very special day. Many best wishes from down south in NZ.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We had almost 70 yesterday and sunshine! Of course, they all rolled and look like little mud buckets but I don't care.

Happy Birthday Stephanie! Where does the time go? It just seems to fly by.