Thursday, March 5, 2020

Another Dog Cat And Pony Show

A gorgeous day.
Bright, crispy and clear from beginning to end.

 After chores I went to Wegmans and found out that I can no longer
by the dog food I have been getting for Little Wonder and Phoebe.
I prefer little bites for more, unless I buy small bags that
cost a lot more per pound.  After that I drove all the way to a Big M
store in Gates so I could buy my favorite soap.  Camay, have you ever
heard of it?  Of course I bought a lot since I don't go there more than
a couple times a year.  At Wegmans, there was no bleach as people are
preparing for the possibility of the C virus making it's way to Brockport.
Toilet paper and wipes were flying off the shelves.  Ironically, the store 
in Gates was fully stocked.  Already, there is an impact on upcoming
events.  Usually our 8th graders go on a Washington (DC) trip and a language
class was scheduled to go to Spain.  I doubt if either of these will take 
place.  I have another friend who is a producer for huge conferences
and he is afraid they will be cancelled.  I can't imagine escaping this
virus on some level.  All students from SUNY and CUNY colleges have
been called back to our state as they were studying abroad.  Tip of the
iceberg.  What's happening where you are?

I could not resist spending some time outside this afternoon.
Threw down some hay from the loft and picked up sticks
that blew off the willow tree.

I just missed Maggie rolling in the ditch.

 There is something about sunshine that makes all the animals
very happy.

 That light was so good today.

 Sidney and Little Wonder snoozed away a couple hours.

 Gary helped out our friend Randy today, and when he
got home we had a delicious dinner.
The salad....romaine, mangoes, bananas, crumbly blu and homemade croutons.
 Mashed potatoes, carrots and boneless pork chops with caramelized onions.
 My friend Helen (from Scotland) got quoted in the college newspaper today!

Night all.


Nancy J said...

Down here, lots os us are concerned, And stocking up big, for me, milk powder, coffee, toilet paper, cat food, wet wipes, paper towels, and bottled water is going into the trolleys in a bog way .What worries me, a couple flew in from Italy, went somewhere near their home for a few days, then took 2 internal flights, One from their home town to one near us, then a return.Where did they do in the 5 or so hour gap? What did they touch? Then went to 2 medical centres, and they say they are being victimised by media and the public!!! Loved the pony and cat and dog show, better than going to the movies in a crowded cinema any day.

Val Ewing said...

Not much worry here yet, but I suppose it will come. The frail and elderly are the biggest ones for risk of this virus I think as well as a risk from the seasonal flu which is going around too.

I just got a year's supply of soap! A friend of mine makes her own and I've only ever used homemade soap. But then I grew up with homemade soap in our house and spent summers making it with grandma. A different kind than I have today, but still. Love that stuff!
Hope your weekend is awesome.