Thursday, March 19, 2020

No Sunshine No Pictures

 As you can see....we have not been too active today.
 Salad for lunch two days in a row.  I need to get in this groove.

 I am utterly amazed by people who do not understand the seriousness of this virus.
The stats are changing hourly, and they are not helping.
It's a good thing I started shopping two and a half weeks ago....we are still eating well.
The writing was on the wall and people ignored it.  We still have empty shelves in the 
grocery stores and today I heard that someone was selling RICE ARONI on line for $12 bucks.
Such a sad commentary on our country.
I'm on lockdown until we run out of food.

Another yummy dinner.

 Phoebe and Little Wonder enjoyed their kibble topped with cooked carrots.
Now we are going to continue doing what we have been doing all day long.
Tomorrow....70 degrees and very high winds followed by a thunderstorm.
We do not need to lose power.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

The absolute disgrace down here, people are stealing the hand sanitisers from public hospitals!!!! And we cannot buy the alcohol based ones anywhere, or even isopropyl alcohol to make our own. Disposable gloves are on the list. One cat stayed in all day, and they do not reply when I ask if they are virus free !! So far, not one case near us, some near both of our daughters, and also near both grandchildren. One will be working all the uni studies online, not sure what Josh will be doing, but he should be OK to do it at their flat online. Daughter and son-in-law in Rotorua , one will definitely be working at home, the other still a maybe. Hope there are no cases too near you, stay home, keep safe. These are scary days.

Val Ewing said...

Our community is doing some amazing things which I will try and blog about. But I watched an interview with and epidemiologist who said ACT NOW! You have 24 to 72 hours to get yourself organized.
I took it to heart but was already mostly prepared.

Stay safe.