Wednesday, March 25, 2020


It's very interesting to me, how different states
have approached this virus in terms of shut downs
and distancing.  Our state is out of control in the numbers
department, but our governor is really working hard to
get us what we need to take care of as many people
as possible.  He was not slow to make some important
decisions.  The states that waited are really going to get hit.
At 10am this morning our county had 117 cases,
22 hospitalized (11 in ICU) and 3 have died.
Our state has over 30,000 cases.
We only go out for groceries or feed for the
animals so we have been in lockdown for
the most part.  All restaurants are closed except
for curbside pickups, all non essential businesses
are closed, drive up only at the banks.
Fortunately we stocked up the necessities early on.

My daily routine has remained quite the same.

Gary is still planting things in the raised beds and
worked on the strawberries that were planted last year.
Tomorrow, the temperature should be in the 60s.
I may have to go for a trike ride.
Stay home and stay well....

Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

My routines except for CrossFit has remained the same also. However it looks like I will need to do some hoof trimming!