Thursday, March 1, 2018

Back to Winter

We could get hit with a whole lot of snow in the next 24 hours,
but it has not started yet.
Chores as usual this morning.

 We still have to fill up some post holes in this pasture, but it's not going to be happening for awhile if we get blasted.
 The geese are returning in large numbers, and I can't believe we have to set our clocks ahead on Sunday.  That caught me by surprise.

 I did manage to go to Agape this morning and will try again tomorrow.
Gary had morning and evening interviews.
I took it easy for the most part.
 Watched a movie.
 So did my buddies.

 I thawed out some squash soup 
 and made a big salad for my dinner.
A friend of ours has a huge farming operation and we traded garlic for her
canned peaches.  Off the charts!!!
 There is something about grey days that just makes me lose interest 
in picture taking.
Night all.

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

I think it is the 11th we change the times. But I'm up earlier now anyway so it is just fine. Now that I am not a slave to a clock, I just go with the day light.
Hope the storm doesn't tromp you.