Saturday, March 10, 2018

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner....

Enough above freezing to create a front paddock that looks like
the batter used to make brownies.
What a mess.

 Phoebe went in the house and Little Wonder assisted me.
The tape was down behind the barn...probably from the severe winds we have been having.  I had to replace some of the stakes and restrung it.

 By the time we got back in the house Little Wonder had snowballs on all of his feet.
 I started listening to my latest book (Camino Island by John Grisham) while preparing  a few things for tonights dinner.  Jenny, Scott and the boys were joining us.
 We had a request for a dinner I made last month.
Shish ke bobs, rice, lomain (for Finn and Coop)
 and a veggie stir fry.
 I went out to do evening chores

 took a quick shower and started getting things together.

 Jenny brought a fabulous salad and we pigged out.

Late morning I decided to change the furniture around in the kitchen.
Spring must be on the way and it made me want to give the room a good cleaning.
Now, I'm ready to get out there by the fire.
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

I began thinking about moving the bench back outside on the porch and making more room in the kitchen/entry way now that hopefully the worst weather is going to be over. I think I'll wait until the 1st though.
We are having perfect maple syrup weather right now. Crispy mornings and nice days. Lots of snow to melt and lots of mud to play in.
Thanks for the comments, I know I'll be looking into finding classes for Charlie, it may be a drive but I think worth it!