Friday, March 2, 2018

Exactly What They Predicted!

Last night it started to snow before midnight and the wind 
was blowing like crazy.
 By this morning we had been slammed big time!
 I wanted to let the dogs out before 7 and the snow was packed up against the door.
I had to really push to get it open and shoveled off the porch, steps and a small area where they could go potty.  Gary started shoveling toward the barn where we keep the snow blower but gave up and walked through the deep snow.

 He helped me dig out the gate and the doors to the barns.

 How's that for drifting?
My favorite shot of the day.
 The temperature hovered around freezing.
Most of the schools in this area were closed and Jenny had to work from home.

 The dogs did not come out to the barn until Gary had cleared most of the driveway.

 By this afternoon the roads were bare, thanks to the excellent job done by our 
Highway Department.  They were out there all night.
I went to the bank and Wegmans and made a great dinner with
a little help from "Danny."
We had an apple/carrot/craisin/walnut salad
 the chicken I got at the store
 and mashed potatoes.
Major comfort food!

 Phoebe and Little Wonder also had a spoon of mashed potatoes and a couple
pieces of chicken.
At 5:30 it was pretty calm outside...
 and there was a very weak sunset.
 It should be above freezing during the next few days, 
but it will take awhile for all this snow to melt.
Night all.

The sky just exploded with color.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well hopefully this will be the last storm. We got a lot of snow at the farm. Well over a foot and the wind is crazy. I hope it melts soon. Lost a tree too. Pretty sunset.

Nancy J said...

Horizontal snow, not good at all. And when the door is jammed shut, even worse. No wonder the doggies preferred inside. Last night as we were driven back to the motel after the wedding, our driver told of feeding the cattle in another area inland from here, one tractor with a snow plough on the front, to clear a track for the one feeding out. The joys of winter. Lovely to see the red sunset.