Monday, March 5, 2018

Audio Books

A very grey start to the day.
It was cold enough for the water trough to freeze so I turned on the heater.
 The front paddock was punched up and frozen...a disaster area.
 Over a hundred years ago, their were cows here and this area was cement.
We did not remove it and grass has actually grown on part of it.
At least they can't sink down too far.

 After chores I went to Agape and picked up a few things at 
Wegmans on the way home.
After lunch I started a fire and spent the afternoon
listening to my latest audio book.
(I have been listening while I clean the stalls and it
makes me feel like I am multi tasking).
I'm in and out of napping inside, but in the barn....wide awake!

 Gary spent the last couple of days in Albany so I was on my own for dinner again.
 An instant replay and so good.
 Night all.

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