Monday, March 19, 2018

Dogs and Ponies

Another one of those days.
Just not into taking pictures.
And the sunshine was amazing!

We were off to a crispy start.

 After chores I went to Agape and listened to my current book while I worked out.
 Had lunch when I got home and was not very productive.

 Actually, I cut up a cantaloupe into chunks 
and made more vanilla/banana/walnut pudding.
Heavy work!
Leftover pasta
 and a fresh salad.
 It's a good thing we like leftovers!
 On the news tonight, they announced the Memorial Service
for Louise.  I sure hope we can get into the Eastman Theater,
there will be so many people there.
 I love the fact that it stays light much longer now.
And....tomorrow is the first day of spring.
Even tho it was cold today, the sun continued to melt the snow.
7:11 and the sun is going down.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

More daylight, enjoy it as it creeps up more and more.. down here, guess what, the mornings stay darker a lot longer, and in the evening, that darkness comes sooner. But we are having those wonderful crisp autumn days, cool start, and warming up so much. Love your doggies out there with their coats on.