Friday, March 16, 2018

Louise Slaughter

Did you know Louise?

I, along with Mary Rich and Annie Crane, first met Louise 
when we were running for office back in 2015.
She always perked up when other women were getting into politics.
When we had a fund raiser at the farm she was more than happy to attend and 
dazzled all of our guests...she spoke to every single one and there were over 100!

 It's no wonder that everyone loved her.
With her support and the majority of voters, we were elected and she
swore Mary and I in as Councilpersons for the Town of Sweden... 
Annie was sworn in to the Village Board

When it was my turn, she said something funny and I cracked up.
What a sense of humor!

We had the pleasure of her company at many events we were all attending.
One of them was a fundraiser for Louise hosted by 
Rochester (world famous) artist, Albert Paley at his incredible studio.
She was always so adorable!

She was also very supportive of State Assemblyperson, Harry Bronson
(Jenny is his Chief of Staff).
Last year, Louise came back to the farm again, for another fundraiser being held for Susan Smith and Walt Borowiec.

Once again she talked to everyone!
 Chet Fery (the Breadman) sent her home with some of his bread,
which he passed out to dozens of our guests.
How many people who are 88 years old could do what she has done?
Susan and I met with her again when we went to Rochester 
for another event.
And who can forget having lunch with Louise and Carole King, after which we sang
"You've Got a Friend."

What really impressed me, was her attendance at a History Club meeting in Brockport. Every year a topic is chosen and each person makes a presentation regarding that topic.  Last year it was all about women who have made a difference.  My friend, Diane Maynard, chose Louise and contacted her office to see if by some remote chance she would come out to hear the report.  Well!  Louise said yes and was humbled by what Diane had to say.  Helen Smagorinsky (local artist and a friend) gave 
me one of her prints to present to Louise and it was so appropriate !
The words across the top are particularly fitting today,
not to mention "what a woman wants."

I don't know if there is another elected official, at any level,
who has supported their community more than Louise.
Always tuned in, turned on and very generous.
So loved 
and missed already.
It was not that long ago, that Susan and I attended a Spaghetti Dinner that Louise hosted via Skype because she was unable to leave Washington.  Always on task.


Nancy J said...

To meet, and have those photos, what wonderful times and memories.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh no :-(. And I had no idea she was 88. What a lady!

Grey Horse Matters said...

She was a wonderful woman and politician who did a lot of good. She will be missed.

Val Ewing said...

Interesting. I think if you are active and social you actually have better health than those who sit and do nothing.
What a wonderful person to meet.
I'm so sorry the world lost a person like her. :(

lilysgrannie said...

This was such a lovely tribute to a wonderful lady.

Jo said...

What an amazing tribute you made to a wonderful woman. You are truly blessed to have met her and worked with her and now to have these memories to share with us. Thank you, Lori. And RIP Louise.

Sandra said...

What a great lady.... just by reading your post ... I wish more people would be like her.