Friday, March 23, 2018

Louise Slaughter...A Celebration of Life

I was invited to this event and was unable to attend as I am still sick.
Seeing that it was broadcast live, the following (blurry) photos and videos were taken from my couch.  It needs to go on record in my Journal, as Louise was a very special person and encouraged me and all women to get involved in politics.
Jenny and my friend Hanny were there and said it was a 
very emotional and warm tribute.
The doors opened to the public at 10am and people were in line by 7.
That's how much this community loves Louise.  The funeral service was held at Kodak Hall in the Eastman Theatre so the public could attend.  

 Bobbie Wilson spoke first, on behalf of Louise's staff here and in Washington.
Over 40 members of Congress were in attendance.  A real testimonial to the respect they had for her.
 John Lewis was a close friend of Louise and this is not the first
 time he has visited Rochester.

Below are several of the local elected officials.
Can you see Jenny's boss, Harry Bronson?

 Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis and Louise all became members of congress in the same year and have been supportive of each other all this time.
Nancy had many good stories to share.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were here...
 and Secretary Clinton spoke.  
She got a very long standing ovation as she approached the stage.

This is Fran Weisburg.  
She was the campaign manager for Louise's first run for office.
Getting her elected was monumental!

Many family members spoke, starting with her daughter,
Amy Slaughter.

This is her son-in-law, Michael Minerva.

I don't know how they could keep it together...
her granddaughter, Lauren Secatore, spoke
(she is going to march in Washington tomorrow... something that Louise would be doing) 
and then her grandson warmed us up with good stories and laughter.

Joe Morelle, Majority Leader of the State Senate, also participated.
(So sorry this photo is blurry).

The music throughout was so appropriate.
Louise would have loved this one!

This was the final piece, as people were leaving.
By the way, it was announced that the newly constructed Railroad station in Rochester will be named after Louise.  She worked hard on this project and we will benefit from it for a very long time.


Grey Horse Matters said...

What a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman. So sorry you couldn't make it, feel better.

Nancy J said...

A service so fitting for a wonderful lady.

lilysgrannie said...

It's so amazing that you could get these photos off your TV, it was almost like actually being there. What a a lovely tribute to an amazing woman. I hope you feel better soon.