Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I need some light so I can get some good photos goin'.
It seems that we have snow heading our way until Thursday morning.
 Today we were lucky to see the sun for half an hour.

 After chores I grabbed a quick shower, put the pups in the car and drove 
over to Carina's to pick up our bread order.

 Class at 10:30.

 Kathy started getting some darks in her big cat.

 Laurie G. was visiting today and brought along her knitting.
I love this little gadget that holds her turns as she knits.
 After class I made some croutons....a big batch today.

 Dinner....leftover sloppy Joes, corn and a big salad.

I left all my buddies home and headed down to the village for a Town Board Meeting.
Home again, home again.
Night all.
I have been a raving maniac with my reading lately.
While cleaning stalls I finished listening to my latest book.
"Partners" by Grisham.
Now I need to find another one.
I wish I had thought of listening in the barn a long time ago.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear about more snow coming your way. We’ve had 3 Nor’easters in 10 says here. Lots of damage. At least the sun is shining today and it should get warmer.

I usually listen to music while I’m in the barn but a book is a great idea too.

lilysgrannie said...

It's hard to believe all the snow you've had this winter. You must be more than ready for spring. We finally had some rain here on the Central Coast of California and the gardens are loving it. We are probably still in drought conditions as we've only had a total of 5 inches since Oct. 1 which is the start of the rain year weather wise. Stay warm and dry!