Thursday, March 29, 2018

Still Gloomy

Now I appreciate those sunny mornings more than ever.
 Talk about a swamp.
 99% of the snow is gone.
 The hibiscus plant in our dining room must have 10 buds waiting to pop,
 and this one arrived today.

 I finished my gazzilionth Grisham book while I was cleaning stalls this morning and spent much of the afternoon vegging.  My energy level has improved and I had a half decent night of sleep again...but the cough is taking a long time to disappear.  Maybe if I ignore it, that will help.

 Dinner was a combination of leftovers from the past two nights.
 We have had rain on and off and doing nothing seems 
to be the best option for the duration.

Night all.

Ta Daaaaa!
This afternoon Gary finished painting the hallway upstairs!
Everything is done!  Now we can set up all the rooms and it will look beautiful.
 A major accomplishment.
4 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom and the hallway.

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Dee said...

Dear Lori, sorry to learn about the cough. At this time of year, a cough seems to hang on and about all you can do is bear with it. If it's part of a sinus infection though, I'd suggest seeing the doctor as last year one took hold of my sinuses in April, I did nothing about it and then was seeing the doctor every month from June on because we couldn't get it to go away. Finally in November it vamoosed! Peace.