Saturday, March 3, 2018

Lots of Good Light....

We were in the low 30s all day long, but the sun did show up and
started melting the mountains of snow.  It's going to take a long time.

 I shoveled part of the paddock yesterday so the horses would have a space to eat their hay and today the snow there looked like popcorn.  
80% of the paddock is very deep.

 After chores I spent the rest of the morning on my computer posting a report for the month of February regarding our Town Board activities.
Mary and I have a FaceBook page called:
Skoog and Rich - Sweden Town Councilpersons
I'm doing this update each month to keep interested constituents informed.
After that, I made a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch and continued
listening to my latest book.

 When the sun arrived, the light was pretty spectacular.

 Naturally, the fire kept putting me into nap mode.

 Tonight we went to a fundraiser with Jenny and Scott at Gust of Sun Winery.
It was sponsored by the baseball boosters.  The place was packed.
Lots of support for kids like Finn and Coop.
They had quite a spread....this was my favorite.
 I'm sure most of the people are still there.  Gary and I were home by 7:30.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It will take a while for the snow to melt here too. Got over a foot at the farm. The light looks pretty lighting up the house. Good day for a nap!

Buttons alias Grace said...

WOW, you really did get the bigger portion of that storm.Spring is coming....right. Good light always makes everything better. Hug B

Sandra said...

Gorgeous photos! I just love it how you prepare your meals.