Sunday, March 18, 2018

Variety is the Spice of Life

 The sunrise was a beauty and the temperature eventually hit 44 degrees.

 The front paddock was still at it's absolute worst.

 At 1 we started our Sunday Jam and continued to work on a set list
for a gig we have in early May.

 Immediately afterward I went over to the Baptist Church
for a benefit vocal concert for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.
With all the improvements that have been made in the past 6 months,
we were told that 400,000 people are still without electricity and water.

Spencerport Community Chorus

Lake Effect

Sweden Senior Singers

Julie Izzo
Spencerport Community Chorus

Climb Every Mountain

I got back to the farm a little before 5
 and went out to do evening chores after 6.

 A fair amount of melting took place today, but tomorrow it is will be below 
freezing so all the muck is going to freeze and feel rough.

 Gary let Phoebe back in the house before I got her picture taken and
Little Wonder presented me with an action shot.

 It was almost 7 when I got back in the house and the light on the beads in 
the dining room doorway was outrageous.

 We were back in a pasta mode, so I made sauce earlier today
 and it tasted
 beyond great.
 Night all.


Nancy J said...

6 months, how communities and families can manage in those conditions amazes me. I am sure not a single politician or city official is like that. Beautiful singing, and the finale, what glorious voices together. Action packed, that is the way to fly inside!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It’s a shame they are still without power or water, but hey they did have a roll of paper towels thrown into the crowd to help by the powers that be. Love LW’s action shot!

Sandra said...

wow, the light on those beads is really gorgeous! As look your dinners...