Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Still in the Zone

Just an ordinary day...grey.
 I needed to throw hay down from the loft this morning and
Gary was kind enough to stack for me in the feed room.

 When we were coming back to the house it got pretty windy.
 Class at 10:30.
This is a wall hanging by a friend of mine that hangs in our dining room.
MaryAnne Scarborough.
Her work is beautiful.  You should see the quilts she has made!

 I made another batch of vanilla pudding with bananas and walnuts, but was not here for dinner tonight.  Gary was on his own with some chicken/rice/lemon soup.
 We had a 5 o'clock workshop at the Town Hall 
and went from there to the Middle School for a presentation
by the Canal Corporation at 6. They have been clear cutting along the Erie Canal in our area and many residents were upset about it as it removed a lot of their privacy.
There was an excellent turnout of community members as well as Mayors from neighboring towns.  Very well run.
I am happy to say that the Village (on the left) and Town Boards (starting with Mary) have been working together on many issues.  This is a very positive
move and let's hope it continues!
 Home by 8:30 and ready to do nothing.
Night all.
I could not resist pumping out a couple of orbs today.
One of my Nova Scotia blogging pals got me goin'.

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