Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's Back....

We got more snow than expected.
I could not be more thrilled.

 It continued to snow for most of the day, and in spots there were near whiteouts
as I drove down to
Fortunately, the temperature was a little above freezing.

 Look what appeared today!  Yet another one!

 At 2pm, Tony D. arrived and we spent almost 2 hours jamming
with our ukes.  I let him play my other baritone, as he is a very accomplished
guitar player and it would be easy for him.  We are considering starting a
Ukulele Ensemble.  Must have played more than 15 songs and plan to do it again.
 His wife and daughters stopped up when we were finished.
They wanted to take Phoebe home with them.
 Gary had a dinner meeting so I put together something simple for me.

 Pasta with sautéed onions and fresh tomatoes.
 I plopped some guacamole on top of the salad.
So good.
 The flowers on our kitchen table are still adding light to the room.

 It's early, and I am going to put on some PJs and get out by the fire.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The flowers are beautiful. Just what’s needed on a snowy day!

Val Ewing said...

Oh snow! We have sunshine and warm air! Perfect day for adventuring out in the woods. Alas, the mud is exceptional.
We still have snow to melt off but this year it has been rather lacking.
I love the flowers.

Val Ewing said...

PS...I think Phoebe is awesome, I would love to have her here too!

Dee said...

Dear Lori, I notice that Grey Horse Matters likes the flowers for a snowy day. I liked the food! And I'd like to eat it with uke music accompanying each bite! Peace.