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Sunday, December 29, 2013

You'll Need to Wear Your Long Johns Tomorrow...

After a balmy 45 degrees and the horses eating grass in the pastures, the temp is going to plummet.  It was supposed to rain this afternoon, but we got very little.  Don't need anymore ice skating rinks.

 Moon seems to be doing better in the soundness department everyday.  She will be moving in two weeks to a barn near Lorrie's.

 Karen has a young guest visiting from Florida (where she left 80 degrees).  She has been accepted at SUNY Brockport and is here to have a look.

When chores were finished they groomed the Florida Babes....
 and then Karen rode Angel.  She had not been ridden for two months and looked terrific.

 For much of the day, all the girls picked at the grass.

 As we (already) have an ice skating rink in the corner of the big pasture, Kelsey thought it would be fun to go out there and "skate" in her boots.
 She also created a snowman.  I'm sure the horses loved it.

 Gary and I used a gift certificate (Christmas) to have lunch down at Java.  I order this every single time as it is the best sandwich in the area (according to my taste buds)....you know...a Greek panini.
 One of the merchants put out a bird feeder and there were a gazillion sparrows chowing when we left.
 Our next stop was the Lift Bridge Book Shop, where Gary picked up the Buffalo News.

This picture is for my friend, Sharon Creech, who wrote all of these books (and many more).  They are very popular in this area and we have a shelf full at home.  First I read them, and then I share them with our granddaughter (Daniela), who has read almost every one.  Check them out in your local bookstore...I love her writing style.  (So does Karen D.)!

When we got home I made a batch of bean salad.
 Spent the rest of the afternoon vegging.

At chore time, a sunset was making it's entrance.

Had to whistle for the girls to come in from the pasture.

Thawed out more chili....
 and had a great salad with a toasted bagel on the side.  Easy.
That's it....
Night all.


  1. Yes long johns and coveralls are the fashion for us today. Along with scarves and mittens.

    Stay warm.

    Hopefully the winds won't howl like they are here!

  2. Oooh, more yum food and thanks so much for posting the books' pic -- special hello to the people at the bookstore, too. xxxx

  3. Looks like a nice day. We've had over an inch of rain so far.ugh.

    I bought the last book for my granddaughter and she liked it too.

  4. Hi, One of my blog friends, Alyssa, is at SUNY, Cobleskill, she is at " Alyssa in a Nutshell" on my list. Karen's guest might be interested in what she has studied there. A skating rink of your very own, Wow!! Will I send post-hast some heavyweight merino long johns, neck warmers, hats and all else from NZ in a big hurry?? Take care in the freeze. Cheers to all, Jean.

  5. Another good and productive day for you aside from all that cold that we're supposed to be getting again too.

  6. Angel looks great. I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't riding regularly.

  7. I'll miss seeing pictures of Moon and her driving - will this be a permanent move for her I wonder.

  8. Burrrr I am so happy I am not doing cores for a few more days:) Be warm O. I can imagine the girl from Florida may change her mind not very welcoming is it:)
    Good luck to Moon.
    Love the story books and what a great accomplishment for your friend. Hug B


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