Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kleenex and Coughdrops....

It hit me big time.
BUT...that does not mean I don't go out to the barn or shovel the driveway.

 Maggie, Angel, Berlin and Abbe were back together today.  A little messing around, but I'm hoping they will be good as a group.  Pretty boring without grass.

 Moon had no bute and was moving very well.  She actually ventured out of her run-in and stood in the deep snow.  I guess that she is going to be kept separate for the duration.

Class at 10:30.
Jean has been very busy and I am loving her dog series as well as the birds.

  Donna brought some folded paper ornaments she was working on and gave us a demo on how she put them together.  I did a non Christmas version.

 Could not have figured it out without her....this paper folding stuff can get confusing.
At the end, she added a string in one of the corners and any additional decorations.

 Seeing that Donna had a major stack of 6" x 6" paper, Joanne showed us how to make a paper box.

 Tina was busy working on Christmas cards.
 All of these dogs belong to friends and this one was for the owner of the dog with the ribbon around his neck.  (in progress)
 When she got home she tweaked it and now it looks like this!  Sweet.
Here's another.

 As per usual, the hour and a half flew by as we have non-stop discussions.

Last night the temperature was near record breaking at 4 degrees.  Has not been that cold on that day since 1919!  Today it went up to 27 and we will have 5 days above freezing this week...if we are lucky.  Gary was kind enough to bring me home lots of cough drops and Kleenex that I put to good use this afternoon as I was semi-comatose in front of the fire.

Lorrie came over at chore time to give Moon her antibiotics and helped me again.  Very nice.

 Got the girls tucked in early.

Dinner.... a Saint Tim salad with oranges, bananas and craisins....
(Ha ha ha!  Rumor has it that he is at a dinner meeting tonight in Kentucky and got served a salad with raspberries in it!  He must be gagging!)
 Took the leftover chili and served it on rice.  We happen to love that mix.
Now, for a steamy shower.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Feel better and take it easy.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I hope you feel better soon! It looks like you will have a white Christmas with all that snow! Ours is almost all gone.

Nancy J said...

Rest up Lori, lots of TLC, and you'll soon be 100% again. Lots of snow , maybe leave off the shovel work till later,. Cheers, Jean.

Jo said...

Oh Lori, I'm so sorry you're not well. I had flu once this year (for the first time since August 2008) and thought my end had come! I'm glad you had help with the chores in that cold weather. I love the boxes and Christmas Cards. Wrap up warm and get well soon. Greetings Jo

thecrazysheeplady said...

Look at all your snow! Yeesh, I'm so behind on everyone... Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!

Mary said...

Ick.. sorry you're not feeling well. I love your photos of your girls in the snow.. and i love pretty kitty's expression. Feel better!