Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Stills Challenge - Pets

Congratulations!  For 5 years the Sunday Stills Challenge has been connecting photographers from around the world.  A perfect venue for meeting people and having the opportunity to stretch.
Thanks Ed.

 These are all the pets we have here at Skoog Farm.  They are loved and spoiled rotten.

 Gucci is a rescue from Tennessee.

Phoebe is a rescue from Kentucky and is a Therapy Dog.

 Sidney (His Buddy) came to us from Pam in Brockport, to keep Seymour company when they were babies.

 Sophie moved to the farm when a friend kept her horse (Belle) here and has never left.

Seymour was found with littermates in a field next to my friend Barb's house (she used to board King Mustafa here) and needed a home. 
 Berlin was born here 28 years ago and is the sweetest girl you could ask for.   3/4 Trakehner.

 Abbe is a POA and arrived here as a yearling when her owner had to sell her horses.  Now 14.
Animals have so much to give....

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Jo said...

Ah, I sometimes get a bit lost when you post about the animals in between your other farm and household activities. Tonight I enjoyed meeting them all up close and personal. I love Sophie's body language - she sure owns the place. And Phoebe and Gucci are my favorite doggies seeing as I can't be with my own three dogs who live in SA. We only have rescue animals in SA and here in Tanzania. Tomorrow I have posted about two DOUBLE rescues! Have a great day.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Such a beautiful group.

YourSpecialDog said...

Animals have so much to give but they have also to take a lot of our love :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I love all your pets. It's easy to see they are spoiled rotten. Mine are too but so what it makes me happy and them too.

Dee said...

Dear Lori, such wonderful photographs of the many animal companions with whom you share your life.
Here in my home, there are four of us--me and three cats: Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew. On Wednesday we will have lived together for four years. It was in 2009 that I went to the local Animal Shelter and brought them home along with Raissa who has since died.

I feel so blessed to live with them and to share their antics and their devotion to living in the present. Peace.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Now that's my kind of post lady, BOL.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Beautiful shots of all your animals. Of course, I like the picture of Abbe best.

sandy said...

Love all the sweet animals in this section.