Friday, December 20, 2013

Pouring...What's Next?

It was pretty dark all day and it rained most of the time.  Yuck.
 In attempt to make sure all the horses had shelter, Maggie and Angel were put back in the indoor/outdoor set-up and once again, Abbe wanted to know where they were and kept calling.
 Moon had her spot.

 I put the hay for Berlin and Abbe under the shed roof.

Karen got her new wheels.  What a great car.

 (Yesterday Weggies was selling these plants for $2....such a deal).

Last night Daniela (granddaughter) said she was going to make cookies for all of her teachers and  inspired me to get the lead out.  When I asked her what kind, she said chocolate chips and Vordags.
 This card has been hangin' around for the last 40 years and was written out by Gary's Mom.  It is a simple Swedish recipe, and if you try it, I guarantee you 1000% that you will love them.
I used a food processor.  First I threw in the butter and sugar and blended them.  Then I added the syrup (Caro dark syrup)....mixed again....and lastly, the two cups of flour and baking soda. Pulsed it for a little while then put it in a bowl and finished mixing it with my hands.  Divided it in half and made two long "snakes" which I wrapped in wax paper and put in the frig for an hour or so.
Took them out and sliced into filled at least 3 cookie sheets.
Baked at 375 for about 10 minutes...waited a short time and put them on wire racks to cool.
 Unbelievable!  Trust me.

The snow kept melting and it never stopped raining.  Pretty soon the fog from the back 40 moved closer and closer to the house.

 My darling horses spent so much time in the rain (when they could have been under the shed roof that's only 60 feet long) I changed their blankets.

 That grey feeling kept me in front of the fire.
 Tucked the girls in around 5....
 and went in the house for a picnic.  Needed a Zweigle fix.
Night all.


Elizabeth Edwards said...

so many pretty shots in your post today. gorgeous horses. new wheels & the snow. awesome times at Skoog Farm Journal. i will have to stop in again soon. ( :

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Those cookies look great. I'm going to add them to the list of Christmas baking that is not getting done this year. :(

Stephen Andrew said...

Ugh! Melting here too. Barbie had to have a double bath today after playing fetch. COVERED in mud. This crazy warm up is throwing me for a loop! Those cookies are very intriguing to me. For the soda-is that soda water or baking soda?

Birdman said...

I guess you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em come out of the rain. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I know that kind of grey day only too well. A nice cosy fire, cuppa tea and a few of those yummy cookies is the only answer.

YourSpecialDog said...

All that tasty food :00 :P .

Val Ewing said...

After all that, I stop and look at your photos and say...that grey ugly day was so beautiful the way you showed it!