Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tomorrow is Another Day

...and it's time to get the lead out!

I've been such a bum since Thanksgiving.  Chores. Fire. Food.

 As you can see....Berlin is looking like her beautiful old self.  No hives since 11/17.
 After chores Karen and Lorrie repaired the fence and put up a hot wire so now both sides have one.  Hopefully it will work.  I'm sure poor Moon is very frustrated being in a separate turnout.  She needs some serious attention.

 This afternoon was a repeat performance of yesterday.  I must be leading the winter life of a bear.

We were in the high 30s today and had a little rain.

 Got all the girls tucked in and made dinner.
 A fresh salad and leftover pasta with grilled bread.
Tomorrow I will need a kick in the butt to get back in gear.
Night all.


YourSpecialDog said...

The photo that hited me of course was the yammy food :D

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Michelle said...

We all need a break now and again!