Saturday, December 21, 2013

Drenched Again...

Same as yesterday....tried to keep the girls dry.  What a joke.
We started out in the 40s and as the day went on it got a little cooler....raining most of the time.
 Abbe and Berlin started out where they were supposed to be.

 Maggie and Angel did too.  Abbe wanted in.

 Moon seems to be resigned to her suite.
  A lot of melting with flood warnings all over the place.

Around 10:30, our good friend Roger (the techie and husband of Tina) brought over his computer expert to upgrade my iMac and make some changes that would help me with streaming movies.
I don't know what I did to deserve this Merry Christmas gift.  Anyway, after a couple of hours Daryl did what he could do and Roger worked his magic on the tv in our living room.  Voila!  I can now stream netflix and get all kinds of other the PBS archives, the Smithsonian, and more.  After Christmas they will be back to finish the job and I should be in business...more speed etc.  Thank you, thank you!

At 1:30 we went to the Alumni House at the college to help our friend Helen celebrate her 80th birthday.  Today would also have been her Mother's 100th birthday.
 All of her children and grandchildren were there along with dozens and dozens of friends and family members.
 There were at least 10 different desserts, all made from her Mother's recipes.  What a good idea!

Mel, her husband, had all kinds of stories for us.
 You may recognize her, as she was part of the "kitchen help" for our Morrocan dinner.  I have also shown you some of her art work in the past.  Helen is one hip, independent, strong minded person....full life and very generous with her friends and the community.  And so talented!!  Definitely my kind of woman!  So glad we were there to help celebrate.

It was very foggy on the way home.  We made a stop at Wegmans as we needed some supplies for tomorrow morning.  Randy is coming over to make korv (Swedish sausage) for Christmas.  He and Gary have done this for as long as I can remember...I'll take lots of pictures. They are masters at this.

Put the horses in was so darn ugly out there.

 Had to change the blankets that were on Abbe and Angel.  I swear, Angel's weighed a gazillion pounds and she had the shakes.  Maggie must have been keeping her outside of the indoor.
 It was almost 40 in the barn, and now we have ice storm warnings for tonight with a temperature in the high 40s for tomorrow....maybe even some sunshine!!!!  Insane weather.

 Did not cook as Jen had given us some soup to try.  It was made by our friend Elliott and had some hot Italian sausage in it.  Delish.
I'm getting back in my reading groove....have to get my butt into the fire now.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Looks very wet, very cold, and a very wonderful outing. Food galore, friends and family gathered to celebrate, so special. Greetings from Jean

Carol said...

We're getting lots of rain and ice here in NS too. Hope it dries up a bit for you soon.
I loved the idea for the 80th birthday party of using her mother's recipes. I may do a version of this for my Mom's upcoming 90th!
Hope you have a great holiday season!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

An ice storm does not sound good at all!

Jill said...

Just upgraded my iMac too. Added more memory and it is running like a top. Berlin is looking great!