Friday, December 13, 2013


Hopefully, Moon is on the road to recovery.  Today and for the next several, she will be in the back stall of the run-in area that is in the horse barn.  This morning she had great difficulty putting any weight on her hind right and of course she did not like being away from the other horses.  So, I put a couple of hay nets near her so Berlin and Abbe could keep her company part of the time.  Maggie and Angel survived being in the indoor and outdoor, but Abbe could not figure out where they were.

 We got several more inches of snow today.  A car was in the ditch across the street, probably due to the poor visibility.

 I managed a quick trip to Wegmans but spent most of the day shoveling or in front of the fire.

 This morning Lorrie and I switched things around again so Moon could be back in her own stall.  I think she was very happy to be there and her movement on the hind right was 50% better than it was this morning.  Encouraging.  Tomorrow she will be back out near the run-in during the day.

 Got all the girls tucked in.....
 and was happy to get back in the house.

As you can see, Phoebe has a thing for pillows.

 This picture does not do justice to our tasted a lot better than this looks.  BBQued boneless pork with caramelized onions, sweet potatoes and a corn salad.
And now, I must get back to the fire.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

The girls will soon adjust to new living arrangements, and it sounds as though yesterday's scrapes are mending. Looks like the snow has settled for a while. Greetings from Jean

Susan said...

Just curious, do you use homeopathic remedies with the horses? Arnica for soreness and Ledum for the stitches.

Jo said...

Oh yum, the sweet potato and corn salad looks gooood! Sorry to hear Moon hasn't been well. You're so caring about your animals, Lori. Bless you for that. Hope you're having a wrapping good warm weekend. Jo

Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor Moon, hope she heals quickly.

Snowing all day today here and into tomorrow. Supposed to get about a foot. Oh well, it is winter. Have a good day and take advantage of that fire to stay warm. said...

...get back to the fire..., sounds like an excellent plan Lori.
; )

Anonymous said...

Our dogs love pillows as well! Cookie practically builds pillow forts and nestles in the middle. Funny animals...