Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Muddy City

It's melting a little bit and the front paddock is a disaster.
 No wonder the girls are picking the dry spots.

 It took awhile for the sun to appear....
 and it was very bright when I got back in the house.

 Class at 10.  Forgot to take more pictures.

 Gary spent the afternoon repairing the stairway in the horse barn and I went on a hunt for candles (Saturday's dinner).  No luck finding vibrant colors to go with the decor.

I imagine that all the snow will be gone by Thursday when the temperature will go into the 50s.

The light was great when I got back to the farm.
 The girls were posing for me.  All had rolled and were filthy.

 After chores I went back down to the village to pick up a pizza.
 It's starting to look like Christmas.

 Even tho I called in my order, had to wait 20 more minutes to get the pizza.

Love to take pictures of lights with movement.  (on the way home)

It was excellent.  Good crust and sauce.

Night all.


The Dancing Donkey said...

I was thinking of you and Berlin and the hives this afternoon as I was working on yet another horse having a bad reaction to tick bites. I usually see localized reactions, but occasionally hives. I don't know if they are a problem where you are, but they are terrible around here, especially in the fall and the horses seem to get worse reactions to them every year. Anyway, it's just a thought that popped into my head. I am glad Berlin is better.

Love that shot of the rump hiding behind the post:)

Stephen Andrew said...

How big do the candles need to be? You could always use colored glass votives/cups with white candles. Also I once painted pilar candles with acrylic paint. It worked alright...not well enough I would advise it. But I'm sure being where you are the antique stores have plenty of pretty colored glass containers. Wish I could get my collection to you in time. I have plenty... I also once did a centerpiece for a Moroccan dinner with huge mounds of spices on a wooden plate. It was so pretty, smelled great, and added that North African spice market vibe. said...

another beautiful day in paradise.
& I could eat pizza every day.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

We had pizza for dinner tonight as well. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks eager to go somewhere.

C-ingspots said...

That pizza looks great! We just had pizza at our favorite little place a couple of days ago...I must say, that Stephen Andrew's idea seems like a great one!!! He sure is creative; might just work out. Hope your dinner is a huge success.
I love that Christmas window display...sooooo pretty!! The ponies are just beautiful, as always. But, poor Miss Moon looks a bit forlorn. Is she alone because she's a naughty girl? Doesn't play well with the others? Occasionally Missy gets separated because she can be a bit of a "pot-stirrer". :(