Saturday, December 7, 2013

Downton Abbey ala Skoog Farm

It was a long road to the Moroccan Dinner we had here tonight.  I don't have the energy left to write much, but I will tell you that the meal was fantazmagoric!!!!!
After chores it was nothing but clean, clean, clean.

 At 4pm Margay, Deanna, Helen, Alicia and Ulpi arrived to do all the last minute things for the dinner.


  Bill arrived in time to set up the table with special glasses for all the different wines that went with each course.  He was our sommelier.

 After our special guests were served....we chowed out in the kitchen....

 We prepared just the right amount of food for 15 of us (9 worked in the kitchen).  Had just enough left to fill a to go container for Bill.
 This is not the first time time this group has been here for one of our special meals.  They really know how to have a good time and appreciate our efforts.
 We did a little drumming while dessert and coffee were set up.

 We were so organized it was smooth sailing.

Everyone was gone before 10.  I'm totally out of gas and will have to tell you more tomorrow.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

No wonder you need a refill of energy and spare time. Lovely meal, your photos always show it to the very best, great company, entertainment, all in all so yummy. Greetings from Jean

Jo said...

I love your title today, Lori. It's my all-time favorite TV show which has gone off until next season (which is anyone's guess here in East Africa!) I also LOVE Moroccan and wish I'd been there, even helping in the kitchen. Your sommelier is perfect. I loved it all. Thanks for taking me through your home this evening. I empathize with how exhausted you were. I felt like you last Tuesday evening and couldn't even complete my post for the next day (I said "to be continued" which I still need to do! LOL) Have a great day. Jo

YourSpecialDog said...

I can see that you had such a great time and the photos look amazing and the food too :D

Dreaming said...

What a beautiful set-up. It sounds like it was a perfect night for everyone!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like all the work paid off and everyone had a great time.

sandy said...

Your house always looks so warm and inviting - love your wall in the dining room!!!