Friday, December 6, 2013

Quaint Little Villages....

What a day!  And I still have one more thing to do.
 Chores as usual...the cool down has started.
 This is the first time I have seen Abbe and Maggie dining together.

 At 10am I had an appointment with the Massage Therapist.  Really needed those hot stones today.

After that I stopped at Country Treasures to do a little bit of shopping.

 We are so lucky to have such beautiful options in Brockport.

Next on the agenda was a photo shoot at the Candlelight Christmas.

 Over 50 artists had things for sale...all handmade.

Got home for lunch and made my Beet Dip for the dinner tomorrow night.

 You would think that was enough activity!  But no!  This was First Friday down at the Alumni House.

Back to the farm a little before 5 to do chores.
 Berlin did not get any worse in the hive department.  I'm going to let it run it's course with no meds.

 When I brought Maggie in, she was very gimpy and bleeding from her front left knee.  Who knows how that happened.  Karen is out there now, checking her out.  Poor pony.
I'm finishing this up early, as I am going to play bridge at 7:30 tonight.  Let's hope I can keep my eyes open.

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love all those small shops with handmade items.

You certainly were busy. Hope her knee is okay and Berlin loses her hives. Good luck at bride.

Michelle said...

That appointment with the hot stones sounds wonderful.

Dreaming said...

All of the gifts look so beautiful. Did you finish Christmas shopping?!!

Nancy J said...

Those gifts, how would anyone choose which one/two/or twenty from the selection. Enjoy your evening. Stay warm and safe on the roads. Greetings from Jean.

Karen said...

Wonderful Christmas spirit displayed here.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Good Lord, Woman! You are busy!

YourSpecialDog said...

You had such a busy friday good for you :), those photos at Candlelight Christmas were amazing

Val Ewing said...

What an active day. I'm worn out just looking at what you've done!

Susan said...

What a wonderful array of gifts to choose from! And the beet dip looks great, love Zaatar! Am going to try it. Hope horses are doing well.

Sharon Creech said...

Thanks for taking us into the shops with you! Once again, I don't know how you fit all of this into one day . . . xx