Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today Some Grass Appeared...

 Lorrie moved a lot of hay over to Moon's new barn yesterday, so after chores I went up to the loft to finish sweeping up the floor and take an inventory.  Looks like there's a good supply left.
 We all appreciated the mildness today.

I finally got myself down to the college for drumming.  Have been negligent in that department for several weeks.
Khalid is really stepping things up a notch!
He is teaching us a very l  o  n  g piece that has a dozen different rhythms in it... and for me (and maybe a few others) it is very difficult to remember them in sequence. 

 As the sun was out, I left early to enjoy part of the afternoon.
 Grass.  What a beautiful sight.

 By Monday night we will be back in the freezer.

Tucked the girls in a little after 5.

Made a fresh salad...
 and had leftover pasta for dinner.
Now it's time to put on some pjs and get me and my book over by the fire.
Night all.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I noticed some green grass here too, I just hope that some of the bushes don't get the same idea!

I do hope you're doing well, Lori, and your holidays have been enjoyable ones! Take care, and enjoy your evening!

Nancy J said...

Lovely night sky, and the barn with shadows, super. Enjoy any temporary reprieve, we have showers, and 23C = 72 F, and humid. Greetings from Jean.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We've got some grass showing here too. Supposed to pour tomorrow. Then into freezing temps again. Dinner looks great a book and fire sounds great.

Val Ewing said...

We had 45 degrees here yesterday, but the melt only made things mushy on top of the snow and very wet under the snow.
Grass is brown.

Lovely shot of green though!

I hope you are not going to get the wicked cold we are starting to experience.