Friday, January 28, 2011


A repeat of yesterday.  Grey, mild and a few snowflakes.

Got the stalls cleaned in no time.

My partners in crime stuck it out with me until I was totally finished.

Every morning I drag out 4 gallons of hot water and the beet pulp.  3 gallons go in the water trough and the 4th is used for cleaning buckets and warming up Mustafa's bucket for the run-in.

Sid and Seymour hung out in Gary's barn.

Did a few things around the house and got ready to pick up some friends. Today, 11 of us were going out to the Carlton for lunch.

First stop was Helen's.  Bellini was full of
beans when I opened the door.

He had just been to the groomers and sported a fresh haircut.

Then, I picked up Sally (drove right by the road that led to Brenda's) and went out to Clarkson to pick up Donna.  Tra laaaa.... continued to drive out to the restaurant.

We all arrived around 12:30.  As we got seated, in walked Brenda.  BRENDA!!!!!! I forgot to pick her up!!!!!  Fortunately Al saw us driving out of town and told her she had better drive herself.  How EMBARASSING!!!!!  This was one gigantic goof!  So sorry!

Before Tina arrived, in walked Roger (her husband) and a good friend.  They had tried another restaurant for lunch and it was not open... so, the Carlton it was.   

What a great collection of women!
The chatter was non-stop.

Because of the way we were seated, people got to converse with others they had never met. 

I looked over my shoulder, and there was Alex L. (my friend Andrea's son). He and some friends had snow mobiled out from the Hilton area.  What a surprise.

Our lunches were fabulous.
Everything from a BLT wrap...
 to Reubens...

 Healthy Deb got a cob salad....

 Beef on wick....and more.

Topper stopped in to take a picture of me taking a picture of him...and mine were too blurry to print.  Oh well, score one for Topper!

You just can't beat spending a couple of hours with good friends.

What a group.  Women who are active, tuned in, community minded and inspirational...lots of artists and retired teachers.  We just might have to do this again.

And we all love good food......

 I ordered one dessert for everyone to try to show off Chef Steve's talent.

A torte...raspberries and strawberries. 

One of the women who joined us (Kim J.) works in a culinary program at Monroe Community College.  The Chef she works with there, is a good friend of Steve' she wanted to deliver a couple of messages.  Like  "I've forgotten more than you ever knew."  Nice that.

As you can see Steve was really bothered.

Kim recorded his response.

Almost time for chores...will add more later.

Not much to addddddd....

 The crew joined me out in the barn for chores.  I always forget to take pictures!

In the house by 5:45 with no desire for dinner.  Gary and Al are going to watch a basketball game at the college at 7.

Non dinner? A grilled cheese sandwich and pickles.

Night all.  I just may have to practice some drumming tonight.


forgetmenot said...

Looks like you are up early and working hard all morning long most days. Lunch with friends is always a treat (the dessert looked fabulous). It was 70 degrees here in Kansas today but snow and close to 0 degree temperatures are forecast for next week--I love Kansas. Have a nice weekend. Mickie

diane b said...

What a fun day. Nothing better than having lunch with a bunch of like minded friends.

Unknown said...

A nice day


Sally said...

Perfect way to spend a grey day... eating good food and visiting with nice people...

Thanks Lori, for putting it together.

Jill said...

A wonderful way to spend a day! Good friends, good food, and lots of laughing and smiling. Oh...I also have to add the beautiful animals into the mix.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

That certainly looks like fun. I would join you there but maybe not for chores. :(
Grilled cheese sandwich is often my quick supper.

Cloudia said...

nice time!


Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral


Sharon Creech said...

Love your full day and that you make time for friends, and love those close-ups of animals' faces.