Monday, January 10, 2011


Could I ask for a more beautiful morning?

You know the drill by now....

When am I going to get my other camera back?

I had to hustle through chores, as I was being picked up at 10 to go to Copy Town.

Madonna (really Donna) and Lorenzo (that's me) left right on time.  We had to stop off at the Genesee Valley Equine Clinic on the way to pick up some bute for PC and pay the bill for having Pony put down.

We arrived in Lima a little after 11.
Maria, the supreme techie, was ready to spend the next few hours with us.
Madonna entertained Matthew (Maria's 3 month old son, who goes to work with her everyday).

In the meantime, Maria scanned and printed some of her drawings and photographs.

I had one of Gary's cards printed too.  A friend of ours is starting to call him "Grampa Moses."

By the time we finished with my cards (I had 16 different ones printed), it was almost 3.  Madonna was kind enough to drive down to Tom Wahls to pick us up some burgers with everything, onion rings, french fries and Cokes around 1:30.  We were starving and it's the best grease around.  So long Lima.

About 5 minutes after I got home, Topper stopped in to drop a book off for Gary.  My camera was handy....he just had his phone.  Gotcha!

 Here are the cards I had printed.  Many of them were put through Photoshop as watercolors.

After chores tomorrow, I am going to take them down to a local shop/gallery to see if I can sell them.

Monday night...chores followed by dinner with Jenny and the boys.

Don't you just love Finn's green teeth?  After dinner he had one of Nanna Pat's Christmas cookies and could not resist giving us a big smile.

Finn loves to play with the kittens....

Cooper had the pout going.

Seymour kept close tabs on these little motorized cars that were running around a track...

Sid was not interested.

I'm taking the rest of the day off.  Have to fold 160 cards!

Night all.


CoyoteFe said...

Those cards are definitely sell-worthy! Good luck! Soon you will need to open a Skoog Farm Shoppe for all your wares! :-)

Cute teeth - egad ...

Jeni said...

what a full day!!! Love the sunshine =)

Verde Farm said...

The cards are beautiful--the will sell! I think Finn is so funny-love his green teeth. They are all adorable.

Terry said...

What a blue sky! The cards look lovely. Have you comsidered adding a link and selling them online? Maybe too much trouble, but I'm sure your readers would like to buy them.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

open yourself an etsy shop! show us some close ups with your watermark on them of course...they look great from a distance! love your kitties pics of course!!!!

Jo said...

What a productive day, Lori. I just love that Cooper was pouting about leaving. Every time we arrive at our children's home in the Drakensberg, Joshua (now four-and-a-half) asks if we're staying. Next morning the first thing he asks is: "Are you sleeping here again tonight" I can remember how my children did the same to my parents and in-laws! Grand-parents are the BEST hey? Have a great day Jo. (love the green teeth and all the kitties!)

Birdman said...

Love your composition on a couple of your earlier shots of your horses and barn.

diane b said...

Lovely blue sky. I've forgotten what a blue sky is. Only rain and floods here. Love your cards.

Louise said...

You got a lot done yesterday! The cards are lovely, and should sell like hotcakes. I envy you your trip to Tom Wahls though I think I would have gotten their home made root beer, too. Love their burgers.

Sharon Creech said...

Cards look great, Lori. And the food sounds yum. Yep, one day we'll meet up and . . .eat!