Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Same old same old....

It felt a little warmer today, but the temperature was not all that different.  Quiet.  No wind.

Abbe was in her usual spot trying to find something to eat.

The kitties were out in force.

L'orange spent the last two days in and out of the basement with Bermuda...this morning he wandered back to the barn and let me take that gorgeous photo I put on my banner.

After chores I went to the bank and grocery store...back home a little before class started.

Tina finished her drawing of DJ and Tootsie Louise...

and is about to start on a portrait of Mr. Sandman.

Donna is still working on her holly.

Mel was in the drawing stage....of a buffalo.

Jean worked on her bird in black.

Barb had chore duty tonight and I took Gary's car and our little trailer over to Shepherd's Mill to get a load of sawdust.   They are going to shut down for 2 or 3 weeks and I did not want to get stuck without bedding.  But, this loading and unloading in the dark is a pain in the butt.  The three of us unloaded it in about 20 minutes.  At least it's done.

Dinner was soup and sandwiches...

Please check out my post below....I'm looking for suggestions.

Night all.


Cloudia said...

'Night all!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Sally said...

Glad to hear L'orange and Bermuda are friends...the basement sounds like a warmer place to hang out during these frigid temps.

L'orange is lucky to have so many choices and friends to socialize.

All the animals seem to have the best of everything with lots of TLC.

Esther Garvi said...

The kitties are adorable and L'orange is a beauty! He knows it too, doesn't he?

Sheba and the horses send their love!

Michelle said...

That is a great picture on your banner. Stay warm.

Sandra said...

Another day on the farm. Looks like a great place to be, too bad I'm here in MN. L'Orange is a very handsome fellow indeed!

Louise said...

I think that holly is going to be lovely. Glad you got the bedding in before the snow.

Unknown said...

I look at several posts at the same time. Your Note cards are beautiful. And Lorange's picture gorgeous.
Thank you for proposing to write to Le Cheval. He is OK. When he has time, he'll write to you, probably about Manon, the mare he rides every saturday.
When I was at school, at the same level than him, we had only to learn one foreign language. Now, the pupils must learn two languages. So, he learns English and German. And, as it is better to sit for more at the exam, he also learns Latin. So, much homework. I try to help him except in German (I have learnt Spanish instead). And when he asks for help in Latin, it seems I'm getting much more younger than to-day.
I have not still made the puzzles but I won't forget to tell you when they're ready.
See you soon

Sharon Creech said...

Neat to see how the artwork evolves!