Monday, January 3, 2011


Off to a beautiful start this morning.  Barb was back to work and Gary went down to Java for coffee.
I cruised through chores and was lovin' the bright skies.

Put the hay in the pasture so the ponies could absorb all that sunshine.

There was a dusting of snow last night.  Barely an inch.  The temperature was near 30 by the time I went back to the house.

Sidney and Seymour would not come back in the house last night...I assume they slept in the warm basement.

Today I had to go into Rochester for my annual mammogram.  On the way in it was grey and snowing.
The news was good.

On the way home the sky was amber.  

Barb had chore duty, in case I didn't get back in time.

Monday night....dinner with Jenny and the her house.

I quickly stir fried some veggies....

and made some lomain.

Jenny picked up some sesame chicken and made a simple fruit salad.

Exactly what I was hungry for.

Nanna Pat got the boys a new backboard....Finn took me out to see it.


They're in business now!

Dessert and homework....

Home by 8.  Now I'm having a cupa tea and will watch the final episode of "The Closer."
Night all.


Verde Farm said...

Beautiful day Lori. The blue sky was gorgeous and I bet the horses loved the warmth beaming down. Looks like a great dinner with a fun bunch. Glad you mammogram was good too :)

Gayle said...

Looks like you had a nice day. Lots a pretty photographs.

Sandra said...

Looks like a beautiful winter day and some good news for you as well!

I watched the final episode as well. It took awhile for that show to grow on me, but I now like it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sunny pictures and happy horses means a good day anytime. Love the new header photo.

Glad the mammogram went well. Watched the Closer too. Good show.

Louise said...

That Sidney really is a looker! Glad that your mammogram resulted in good news.

Sharon Creech said...

You capture the best and make me feel as if I'm there.

Jill said...

Beautiful photos! Love the two "between the barns". Is that a bird flying in the second one? Very nice.