Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Grey, mild(ish)....still enjoying the break from extreme cold.

 I hustled through chores....chorus day.

 L'orange made his way to the barn this morning.  He has been pretty good about staying nice and warm in the basement, but must have liked today's temperature enough to keep me company.

I was back in the house by 9, with plenty of time to get ready for chorus.

Today was the last day for Jean to play the piano during our rehearsals.  She will be going to Florida until the end of April and will be missed!  What a trooper!

After chorus I went over to A Different Path Gallery to finish making arrangements for selling my cards.  They will go on sale February 1st and can be purchased there or on line.  (Details forthcoming).

Home for lunch...left over pizza (that I had frozen), and a simple salad.  So good.  By the by, I am going to make some cards with photographs of the food I have been posting, with the recipe on the back.  I'd like to have different series....dogs, cats, horses, flowers, sunrises and sunsets, architecture, the Erie Canal, landscapes etc.

Spent the afternoon trying to put photos on my card blog.  Phoebe and Gucci were happy to have me home and played the time away.

Late afternoon did not look any different than morning.  Still grey and the temperature may have hit 33 or so.

 Of course we had a fire going.

Seymour and Sid have been spending a lot more time outside.  They go to the barn with me in the morning and I never know when they are going to come back in.  When the weather changes, they will probably hang out there most of the day.

 Not too much excitement today.  I'm going to have a cupa tea.

Night all.


Unknown said...

I've just published a puzzle from a Seymour picture at

While reading your post, I remind I have not sent you pictures of our Christmas meal. They're in my husband's portable hard drive. I hope I will think in asking for them this week-end
See you soon

Sally said...

Great cards with recipes. Did you make the pizza? Looks good.

Nice to see L'orange...handsome guy. He certainly has a thick winter coat.

Sharon Creech said...

Recipe card idea = great.
Cat in front of window (as above) would make a great card, too.
Yep, you'll have lots of good pics for cards. . .

P.S. Hate to mention that it's supposed to be 60 here on Saturday.