Sunday, January 30, 2011


Another nice, quiet morning.
Barb helped with chores.

Finished by 9.  Even Phoebe stuck it out this morning.

 Look who's back....Thor (the big meanie).  When I went to feed Bermuda and L'orange, there he was.
 Have you ever seen such a gigantic cat?  He must weigh more than the dogs!

L'orange did not come out to the barn this morning.  Stayed around the house instead.  Tomorrow I am going to make an appointment to get him neutered.  Pretty boy!

He gets along very well with Sidney....

and Seymour.

I cleaned the downstairs and got things set up for company tonight.

By mid afternoon it was snowing.

I'd say we did not make it out of the mid 20s today.

Went out to do chores at 5.

 The sun finally appeared...for a few minutes.

In the house before 6.  Finished getting everything set for dinner and took a quick shower.
Here's another scrumptious salad that I prepared for tonight's meal.

Chopped up a bowl of Romaine.  Added marinated asparagus....
onion, Greek olives, tomato, crumbly blue and croutons.  Topped with a good Italian dressing.
How do you like my bread basket?  It was carved from a Cypress tree.
Gary picked up some nice Pecorino Romano cheese.
I thought I would try a form of pasta that we never had before.
 ...and I would do it again.  It worked out great...different.
 I posted the recipe for the sauce yesterday.  It was delicious.
Our guests were Maryellen and Jay.  Do you recognize this woman?

As per usual, dining with friends proved to be a real pleasure.  Good company, lots of chatter and laughs.

 Almost forgot dessert.  A berry/apple pie that I bought frozen (don't tell anyone).  The crust was light and the flavor was tres bon!

Of course we all hated it!

Time to get some rest.  Night all.


Unknown said...

Looks a lovely meal Lori - especially the pie.

diane b said...

The end of your posts always makes me hungry.

The verification word is very apt for your blog.


Sally said...

So many nice shots...particularly like your white horse in the snow...beautiful!

Lovely cypress basket!

Sharon Creech said...

Wow. Just WOW. And I agree with Sally that the one of the white horse in snow is esp. beautiful: deserves a card of its own!

Louise said...

Looks like L'Orange might have gotten a bop on the nose from someone. Maybe Thor? That is one tough looking cat.

The snow pictures, with the horses were lovely. It's so pretty when it snows those big, fat flakes.

allhorsestuff said...

Boy that Tom Thor is all about resting up before going out to do serious business. Too bad you don't trap him, and take him in for the treatment L'Orange will be having. He'd maybe stay around more though.

We went to a cat show in Portland last weekend. We actually met the world's "Longest" cat, Stewie. Guinness declared him that last fall!
He was so sweet, being a Maine Coon.
You may see him here

Unknown said...

P.s. That bread basket is a gorgeous piece of treen!!!!
The only one of the ten commandments that gives me any problem these days is the one about coveting - and I do covet that bread basket.
Regards, Mike.

John Going Gently said...

Iam so impressed!

Inger said...

I just love the way all that good food always appears at the end of your posts. I have something for you on my post of today, 1/31.--Inger

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your meals always look delicious. I like the salad idea with the asparagus. I like that pasta better than plain spaghetti, I think it's just easier to get on the fork. I've got to stop looking at the food on here while I'm dieting! Pie !!!

That is one huge cat. Great pictures of all the critters, just love your pups though.