Tuesday, January 25, 2011


By the time I woke up, the temperature was in the mid-20s.  It was grey, but I didn't care.

Chores as usual.

Before turning the horses out, I removed the blankets I had put under their Rambos.  They sure did not need them today.

Phoebe went in the house before Gary left for Java...and Gucci stuck it out with me until all was finished.

Both dogs went with me to Country Max for grain.  They love walking around the store.

Home again...then at 2 my class arrived.

Donna's drawing is really coming along...nice rich colors.

Mel has started a drawing of one of Jon Katz's dogs.

Tina is working on another drawing of her dog, DJ.

Of course, Gucci and Phoebe performed before and after class for treats.  Tina has spoiled them rotten.

I had 12 more cards printed and they were delivered today....below are some examples.

I must have a total of 30.  Now I have to finalize the marketing part.

Barb had chore duty tonight, and I was not in a dinner making mood.  So, we had left over chili and a ham/extra sharp cheddar cheese/dill pickle pannini for dinner.  Simple but yummy.  I love the Griddler we got for Christmas.

It's quiet time at Skoog Farm.  The dogs and cats are relaxing and I will be in a minute.

By the way, we hit about 35 today.... A regular heat wave.
Night all.


Anonymous said...

You're even warmer than us, for a change. More decent stuff on the way from us to you.

Cloudia said...


Please stop by today to share a special moment with me if you have the time. Warmly, c-
Comfort Spiral


Verde Farm said...

Beautiful artwork in the making. I love the berries and the dogs look great. Did you consider pulling out the bathing suite today :) I know it’s amazing how 40 feels like 70 these days ;) LOL

Michelle said...

I think it finally made it up to the 40 degree mark today. My daughter wanted to take off her coat outside...said it was too hot.

Liesl said...

Your horses look so warm and cosy in their blankets! My horses only wear a blanket twice a year! When we go to a ride at Dullstroom and Fauresmith! Even in the middle of winter they sweat under there blankets here at home!

Terry said...

35 degrees. Golly, it's summertime.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

don't you just love your rambos? the best blankets in my opinion. i have the big black ones with the neck warmers. the examples of your friends artwork was great fun to see! loved the berries but all are talented. and your kitties, that white tummy deserves a big kiss! love kitties bellies. good luck on your cards!

Gayle said...

That is a heat wave! I bet it felt good.

Unknown said...

It's so cold at yours. Here, when we have around 20, it's very cold. The horses do not seem to matter.
See you soon

Nea said...

The cards look great!

I hope the warmer weather keeps up. We had about -18C today (about -1F I think) but the weatherman promises warmer weather for the weekend :)

Sharon Creech said...

Love those cards and love your 'simple' meals. . .mm, mmmm.