Saturday, January 1, 2011


A mild morning.  No blankets for the ponies.

Ya know that saying "red sky in morning, sailors take warning"......

Barb and I did chores together....really made sure everything was picked in the paddock before it freezes again.

A very long time ago, this was a dairy farm and the front paddock was cement.  When we bought it, there were no stalls or fencing.  Just 2 barns full of cow stanchions and car parts.  They had a backboard up for basketball...which our horses continue to use.  Anyway, that cement keeps us from having deep mud.  There is a dirt cover on it and I drag it in the summertime.  Right now it has hay everywhere so that when it freezes there is good texture for the horses and they don't slip on the ice.

I'm keeping the horses off three of the pastures but allow them to go out back as it is the highest and drains the best.  Every spring it recovers beautifully.

Obviously, those colorful skies disappeared....and by 10:30 it was raining.  ALL four horses rolled in the mud!  They were hanging out in the indoor and were a MESS.  It was a little over 50, so I cleaned them up the best I could (Abbe was the worst) and put their rainsheets on so they could stay out for the rest of the afternoon.

Sidney was on the prowl.

When I got in the house I took a nice hot shower and got ready to go down to the college for drumming.

Missed the last two sessions and it took me awhile to get back in some kind of groove.  There were 14 of us today and the more I played the better I got....  This group is loaded with good drummers and it is pretty intimidating.  Suppose I have a lot of nerve for even going. 

I absolutely have to start taking notes on some of this stuff.  Fortunately, Khalid is very patient.
Below is a short video of what we were doing before I left.  It was not too difficult as there were several rhythms going and I was able to play one of the simpler ones. 

Got home around 4 and Jenny was here to help me work on Masterpiece.  Last week 3 out of 4 feet had crusty heels.  I had worked on them a few days ago.  Ironically, the mud and water must have improved them, as they were much better tonight.  Cleaned and soaked him and put him in his nice fluffy stall for the night.  Did chores and came in for dinner.  Took no pictures and it was the debut for using our new Gridler (Christmas gift from our daughters and families) to make Paninis.  I'm not as motivated to drag my good camera out to the barn in the evening.  So hard to keep everything clean in the middle of doing chores.  And I totally forgot about it when we were eating.  Oh well.

Hope you are off to a good start for 2011.
Night all.



Louise said...

It looks like all your snow is gone! Still some piles around here. I can just imagine how muddy the horses were. They sure love their rolls in the muck.

Sigh, I missed your dinner photos. When you're an uninspired cook like me, looking at your appetizing meals is a real pleasure.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We had 50 degree temps today too. Still a lot of snow on the ground though. When it starts to melt we'll have one muddy mess to deal with.

As always your pictures are lovely.

Have a healthy Happy New Year in 2011!

Verde Farm said...

Sounds like a really nice day for the start of a new year. I hate mud so much and I knew with the increase in temps we would have plenty...well, we do. The cement idea would be a real plus I think. Pics are great and hope you enjoyed the paninis.

Carol said...

Your banner picture is gorgeous and I really enjoy the new music.
The drumming sounds / looks like it would be addictive.
Have a great 2011.

Terry said...

Thanks Lori! You made me laugh.
We are too cold for mud, but that's next. The drumming sounds great.

Lisa & Gerald said...

It sure is nice to see the green too..The temps are nice too but really wet outside we had rain for a few days..yucky..this week its going to get cold... stay warm and dry my friend hugs....

Gayle said...

You always have so much going on every day. It would be interesting to try and keep up with you!!

Anonymous said...

We're down to green grass again - but now it's all frozen up again! The drumming looks fascinating - what fun!

Michelle said...

All of our snow has left as well. Nice to be able to get outside a bit without the below zero temps.

Jeni said...

We got green on Friday.. and here comes the freezing cold though. I'm hoping that the early winter for southern Ohio means early spring.

Drumming looks interesting. My 12 year old son is a percussionist in school band so I get to hear hours of practicing.

CoyoteFe said...

Absolutely LOVE that you are drumming! You are a Renaissance woman!

Helen said...

Your horses are very beautiful.

Sharon Creech said...

I caught myself leaning forward to kiss your horses.

Thanks, too, for the drumming sample!

Esther Garvi said...

Beautiful horses and beautiful weather!