Sunday, January 9, 2011


Cold and crisp.  Stayed in the 20s all day.

Barb was helping as usual.  So nice to have company.

Of course Abbe had to snoop around the feed room.

 Gucci was actually tolerating L'orange (only because I was there).

Even tho it was cold, the sun made a difference.

After chores I shoveled the driveway...very light and not too deep.  Good exercise.

L'orange was watching me from Gary's Barn, so I picked him up and put him in the basement.  He stayed there all day....lounging.

Jenny brought the boys up at 11:30.  They colored, painted, and eventually went outside with Grampa.

How Finn could stand to be down in the snow is beyond me.

Checked in on the cats...

L'orange was in Bermuda's bed...

Seymour and Sidney were under the hot water dummies.

Bermuda did not like my flash.

Meanwhile out at the swing....

The horses were very curious.

What the heck were they doing with a rope attached to the swing?

 While we were setting up for drumming, both Finn and Coop had a chance to play the drums.

We had quite a turnout today.

There were 5 new people and there was very good energy in the room.

Here is an example of what we did....

Got to go now.  We've been invited out to dinner.  Margay and Ulpi are both good cooks, so there may be some food pictures when we get back.

I'm back.  We had a great dinner...Ulpi cooked.

Can you see him back there getting things ready?

I've taken you to this house of the most beautiful in the village.

A kitchen out of Architectural Digest.

Margay made the salad (spinach with pears, raspberries, blueberries and pomagranet seeds).

I loved the place settings and unusual silverware.

We had...terryiaki chicken, sweet potatoes with red peppers and carrots, rice with mushrooms, peas and lentils.  Dessert was ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce...forgot to take a picture.

The house is full of art, much of it from Alaska.

A very nice evening....

Night all.


Terry said...

The drumming looks like fun and sounds great! As far as Finn staying out in the snow goes, it's that young blood!

CoyoteFe said...

Cats and drumming. Sounds like a good Sunday. Where did you all get the drums?

Verde Farm said...

Beautiful, full day Lori. It amazes me what young boys can tolerate--they don’t stop easily--so that snow wouldn’t stop him. What a great group you had for drumming. Looks like a fun gathering for sure :)

Michelle said...

Supper looks fabulous. Nice to see that they boys join in on the drumming.

Unknown said...

What a lovely full day Lori. The home where you dined looks great. Isn't it good to meet people who've created their own style?

Cloudia said...

Such a wonderful day - so different than my own, yet warm and familiar in the love of animals and friends....

Aloha from Waikiki, Friend

Comfort Spiral



Sharon Creech said...

Another great day, Lori. Like Finn, I lay down in that pure white snow yesterday! Thanks for the dogs, the cats, the horses, the flowers, the drums, the food, and all. . .

Sharon Creech said...

p. s. I covet the painting with the red landscape--wow!

Sharon Creech said...

Another p.s. Re: the 'eye' pic on my blog--there may have been an automatic flash--I'm not sure.

flowerweaver said...

We have djembes and drummings on our farm too! Cute kitties.

Jill said...

The drumming is fabulous!