Thursday, January 13, 2011


We woke up to 8 degrees and it did not make me anxious to go outside.  I'm sure Gayle, up in Alaska, would say I was a wuss.

The sky showed a little promise, and we did have sunshine for awhile.

Once again, I put out extra hay due to the low temperatures.

L'orange showed up in the barn again.  I took him to the basement and he came right back out.

Then it had to start snowing...just what we needed.


Did a few things around the house and took a super hot shower.

I had an appointment for a physical this afternoon...thought it was at 1 and it was at 2.  To waste a little time I drove down to the Clarkson Post Office with my cards to find out what postage would be if I mailed them out.  The woman who worked there was very helpful....I gave her my blog address (she liked the cards).

I absolutely love my Doctor.  She spent an entire hour with me.  Seeing that the Massage Therapist and she are in the same building, I had to take some photos of the fish.

Love fish........

From there, I drove over to A Different Path Gallery to talk to the owner about my cards.
We may be able to work something out so people can buy them there or on line.  It seems like a good plan and I hope it can happen.

Tomorrow night there is an art opening from 6-9.  Richard Hart....Photographer.

Khalid Saleem, the African Drumming instructor from the college, will provide live music.

Pardon the reflections in this piece.  I have posted three prints by Mr. Hart.  Kathy said that he lights candles (that he makes himself) and photographs them at different stages.  From there he creates digital prints.

Tomorrow night he will light candles and the public has been invited to bring cameras and take pictures of them.  He will select the best photograph and make a print of it.  I'm willing to give that a shot.  His prints are gorgeous.  I will post the show tomorrow.

Here are some examples of what is currently for sale at the shop.

I have these them.

Does this lamp look familiar?

Almost everything in the shop is handmade....
and unique.

Here are some of the cards she has on display now...

Home.  A little break, then evening chores.

Does dinner look familiar?  Same as last night.  Gary made croutons...that was new.

The chicken soup had more flavor tonight.

and I added an apple to the salad....yum.

Night all.


Cloudia said...

A sea turtle!

I love visiting here, and wish I could come to the event.

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Ingrid de Villiers said...

Hi dear Lori! Thank you so much for your visit...I have been so slow with blogging because I decided to concentrate more on my Interior Design...will let you know when I am done with what I am working on...
Oh, I love the snow...your pictures as beautiful! Love the snow falling with the horses! L'orange is a beautiful cat and looks very sweet! Dinner looks delicious! Sleep tight and warm!

Gayle said...

Nope, I won't call you a wuss. Maybe there was a time I was a tough Alaskan and -30* below meant nothing, but I am not the wuss. It's -2* and I'm whining. The older I get the less tolerant of the cold I am. Hope it warms up for all of us soon.

Jill said...

Snow, snow, snow. There is something very peaceful about it. Even when you are freezing and your fingers are numb. Mr. Hart's work is beautiful!

fromsophiesview said...

L'orange Marmalde is a knockout beauty! The socks are scrumptious...did you knit them? And the soups...ohoh it's din din time..gotta eat!