Friday, January 7, 2011


My picture taking has been cut way back ever since I sent in my little SONY digital camera.  It made a buzzing noise and would not work...just got it last April.  I probably took over 20,000 pictures with it (if not more).  So much more convenient when I am running around the countryside.

As for today....another gorgeous morning.  Got the horses fed and out...cleaned stalls and set hay up for tonight.  Pretty crispy, but again no wind.  That makes it tolerable.

After Barb filled up King Mustafa's stall, we put the rest of the sawdust (she brought in last night) in the back of the run-in part of the barn.  I can close a gate there and have used it in the past as a 16x16 stall.

This is how his stall looked this morning when I finished chores.

I love this old barn (built over 100 years ago).

Here's the view from Berlin's windows (plexiglass).

That's what I call a Colorado sky....

Ooops!  I put in my Skywatch photo (again).

Masterpiece took a snooze in the sun.

Our cupboards were bare, so I made a trip to Wegmans and came home with 6 full bags of groceries.  I have reusable bags that I have had for over 20 years...much nicer than the new ones.

Was not very productive this afternoon....made an attempt to sort out the papers that have been piling up on my desk.  Even took a short nap before going out to do chores.  I love having it lighter later!

Had to use up the leftover sauerkraut so I got some hot dogs (with no junk or preservatives) and concocted dinner.  They exploded in the oven....

Served it with Rye bread, extra sharp cheddar cheese and I had pickled beets (Gary is not such a fan of them).  To me, they are better than candy.

Yesterday Time Warner changed our cable back to basic...just $10 per month.  It has been quite a relief.  No more searching for something when nothing was there.  Simple.  Much nicer.  PBS news is just fine.  The cable movies were the same ones over and over and over....blah blah blah.  Simplify Simplify Simplify.  OK...I will admit that I am going to miss the cooking channel.

It's just 7:40 and Iamoutahere!
Tea time.  Night all.


CoyoteFe said...

20,000 pictures and you wonder why your camera is buzzing?? I wonder why it's not exploding! They pic of the tree trunk is my favorite. Love that Nora ... 'Night Lori.

Louise said...

Your stalls are a true work of art. You must pick them out every time someone drops a pile. Your horses don't know how good they have it.

rebecca said...

I always enjoy looking to see what you have made for dinner. Gives me ideas!

20,000 pics and you wonder why you're having problems with it Lorelei? I'm with Fe. Too cute.

You live such a great life Lori out there in the farm with those beautiful horses and you're so creative and talented too. The best of both worlds. A very full and very rich life. I live vicariously through you....

Terry said...

Yep, all that sunshine and blue sky looks like a Colorado sky - from one who knows! Your stalls are beautiful.

Cloudia said...

SO happy to stumble on this great blog!

Thanks for finding me :)

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral



diane b said...

Sleep well. Hope you get your Sony back soon. I have one of those as well as my SLR. I have had it fixed twice, neither time did I have to pay. First time it was still under warranty the second time was an insurance claim. The barn looks nice and cosy for the horses.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Get that camera back! I love seeing your barn, the horses and what's for dinner.

I never believe my dinners are that good looking.

Unknown said...

You were lucky to have so beautiful skies.
Here we have seen the sun to-day (the only day of the week). We'll have clouds and rain again from to-morrow. On the other hand, the temperatures are warm. The children went at the club to ride. The little one got level 2 in riding. He was happy.
He knows several things for the level 3 but he does not canter and sit at the same time. He likes to make cantering competitions with friends but he still goes up and down on the saddle. One day, he will succeed.
See you soon

fromsophiesview said...

How about that we downsized our TV addiction need of paying for the same STUFF over and over again. Thanks for the photo it.