Friday, January 21, 2011


I don't even remember what the temperature was this morning.  All I know, is that it got colder and windier as the day went on.  Between Brockport and Lake Ontario there were whiteouts.

When I went out to do chores the sky was  cloudy and the sun was trying to show itself.

By the time the horses went out to the paddock for hay it was not all that bad.

 L'orange Marmalade needed a booster shot today.  Picked him up and brought him in the house while I got a cat carrrier.  Had to set him on the washer so the dogs wouldn't bug him.

He was a good boy for the technician.

For the second time in a row, I ran into my friend Joanne at the Animal Hospital.  We had a chance to catch up and made a lunch date.

Below, my all time favorite small animal vet opened the door and got his picture taken.  And I even knew the person with him.  Like old home week down there.

By the time I got home (10ish) the Colorado sky was back.

As freezing as it was, that solar heat was melting the snow off the barn roof.  Unfortunately, the wind was kicking up and I thought about putting the horses in the barn.  When I got out there, changed my mind and gave them more hay instead.  Between the three barns and the stockade fence they were quite protected.  I did make the decision to put another layer on them tonight so I went into the grooming/tack room and picked up some blankets.  If the high is going to be 8 tomorrow and go way down at night, I want them to have a little extra.  Because they have so many options for shelter, they go out everyday.  We shall see what happens.

Went over to the tack/grooming room to pick up some blankets...swept the floor and put away all of Pony's blankets.

That bright blue sky disappeared.

Abbe should be a model...She is so photogenic.

Went back in the house for awhile ....out came that late afternoon, last ditch piece of sunshine.

Put the horses in, added blankets, did chores and froze my butt off.

Dinner was a repeat of last night.  Just wanted to get in front of that fire.

Company tomorrow night....drumming in the afternoon.  I'd better get a lot done before noon!
Night all.


Michelle said...

Try to stay warm! We have been in front of our fire this evening. Much too cold to do anything else.

Louise said...

Tonight is going to be a very good night for sitting in front of the fire. Stay warm tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You take beautiful sky shots! Even colder weather is probably on the way from us to you - we were -25 with the wind chill this morning.

Terry said...

If it's any comfort, our bitter cold didn't last long. I hope yours blows on outta there.

diane b said...

Those animals are tough to put up with those temperatures, so are you. Take care that you don't get sick again. Loved the blue sky shots.

Sharon Creech said...

I took a long nap today on your behalf. haha.

Gayle said...

Wind is the worst. I can deal with a lot of stuff, but not wind. Hope it calms soon.