Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Grey, freezing.  So dark for 7:30.

There was quite a bit of snow in the driveway this morning.  I shoveled a little of it before going out to the barn.

Had to hurry through chores as chorus was starting today.

Put most of the hay under the shed roof, and lots of it.

Mustafa enjoys moving the other horses around, so I try to spread it out in many areas.

The flakes were coming down at record speed when I was going back to the house.

Let's hope the horses stay under cover most of the day.

The driving was so bad I got to chorus a little late.  LOVE the new music Maryellen has picked out for us.

We were better than ever today....shocking, since it was our first try at the new stuff.

We will sing "You Raise Me Up" with several other choruses in late March.  Last year we participated and the sound was fab.

We are doing a very bosa nova version of "Fly Me to the Moon."  Fantastic.

On the way home, the weather was still bad....

Time to go out and help Gary shovel the driveway.  Will write more later.

I'm back....

At 3 o'clock it was still snowing.   Went out to check on the horses and gave them more hay.

We have a very long driveway and it took quite awhile to get it shoveled today.  In spots, it was over 12" deep.  It goes from the road back to the paddock, has a turn around and two driveways.  Fortunately the snow was light.

The ponies stayed out all day...

I did chores at 5.

Earlier in the afternoon I had made some chicken soup for dinner.

I put a little of the chicken in the soup and took the rest out and baked it in the oven.
We had that too...kind of weird but we could not resist it.  So much for the soup and salad dinner.
The salad was outstanding and I ended up putting my chicken on it.  Greens, onions, pears,  craisins, crumbly blue and toasted pecans.  Time to watch a movie from Netflix.  Night all.


Carol said...

Wow - that snow is coming down! I love the really snowy pictures. We're getting hit later today with 20 to 30 cm's and high winds. A good day to stay inside.
Thanks for following my blog and commenting. Re your comment - I bet you could do a lot with Photoshop given all your photography / art projects and talent.

Louise said...

I hope that the horses stayed safe and out of the snow most of the day. It's hard work shoveling that snow, but, thankfully, it's cold enough so that it's fairly light, not the heavy wet stuff that would fall if it were a few degrees warmer.

I've been out twice today, shoveling. I'm trying to keep the birdfeeders and the surrounding areas clear, but it's kind of a losing battle. I ended up dumping the corn and seed in one concentrated area, hoping that they would notice the lump under the snow, and dig a bit for it.

Sally said... you or should you have a copyright for your material/journal?

Some kinda snow/shoveling today! Your pics certainly captured our white world.

Terry said...

The photos and the music are so serene.

Michelle said...

I am about snowed out and that heavy snow might be more than I could take! Stay warm!

Achieve1dream said...

I LOVE 'You Raise Me Up'. It's one of my favorite songs. I wish I had the sheet music (piano) for it, but it looks a little advanced for me. :)

The food looks delicious!

Wow, that's a lot of snow. I've noticed our snow is very dry and light too. It made it so much easier to get it off the car since it wasn't wet and icy. Thank goodness lol. I was late for work one day though. Oh well. It's better to take your time. :)

I gave extra hay tonight too because the wind chill is supposed to be like -8F tonight. Yikes!

Great pictures!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love L'Orange Marmalade as the new header. What a beauty.

Looks like you got a fair amount of snow too. Doesn't seem to bother the horses though does it. Here too, they could care less. Guess that's because they don't have to shovel!

CoyoteFe said...

Yea! You lift me up by Josh Groban is one of my favorites. And I am a fan of the Bossa Nova as well. AND, who could resist that chicken? :-)

Verde Farm said...

Lori, amazing pics of that snow peppering down. I can’t imagine you going out in that snow but you all are used to it I know. I bet your chorus is wonderful. I just love fly me to the moon :) I am suddenly craving chicken.
Happy Thursday, Amy

forgetmenot said...

Wow, you did have lots of snow--but isn't it beautiful! Love all the pictures of your animals. I have always been a horse lover too--such beautiful, noble looking animals. I was a little miffed when they decided pigs were more intelligent than horses--just can't be!!! I have 160 acres of fenced in land with a 20 acre lake on it. I keep toying with the idea of getting horses. My friends inform me it is "lots" of work, and I know it would be. The property is 30 miles from my home and I'm not sure I would get up there everyday. The idea is tempting though. Take care when you are out "tramping about" in the snow. Mickie

elvira pajarola said...

Carissima no; you aren't right; you are wrong: I WOULD LOVE SOME OF ThE FLUFFY WHITE STUFF; it is sooo beautiful!!

I know; it is very freezing too; it is a lot of work; life goes slower; but it looks GORGEOUS!!!!!

The life rhytm must be more tranquil; Nature recovers and takes a big break!!

In Southern Tuscany instead the climat is very mild; about 10 - 15 Celsius during day; but it was raining 'til now sooo badly, soo hard; actually you would never believe how soaking the grounds are and what a mud all over!!!!

FANTASTICI PHOTOGRFIE of your magnificient horses, cara...I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and at the end the fabulous soup for dinner; HIGHLIGHT; I am sure it was excuisit!!!!!

ciao ciao elvira

Esther Garvi said...

Wow, look at all that snow! It's beautiful but I know our animals here would find it soooo cold... Sheba from Sweden would be the first to complain, lol, but then she has only got African blood in her. Beautiful pictures and I'd love to hear your chorus! I'm amazed at so many things you do, Lori.'

Warm greetings from Africa, where the sky is all blue (but Africanwise, it's cold!),

Ken Mac said...

that is the real deal Lori. This is making me hungry today! (nice music too)

Sharon Creech said...

Don't the horses look so fine in those snowy portraits? And once again dinner looks YUM. Amazing Grace was my dad's favorite song.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your snow is beautiful!

Have you heard this account of Amazing Grace?