Sunday, January 23, 2011


It snowed last night.  This morning it might have been 8 degrees and it didn't budge all day.

Interestingly enough, I did not feel too bad in the barn.

The ponies were busy eating hay in the front paddock.  Mustafa was in the run-in and these three could have been under the shed roof  (I even had some hay in the horse barn run-in).  But noooooooooo...they preferred to be right out there in the weather.

The sky looked kind of silver for awhile.

Gary and I spent a fair amount of time shoveling our driveway.  The snow was between 4 and 5 inches deep...very fluffy and light.

All the fir trees looked gorgeous.

As I have said before, our driveways goes from the road to the front least 250-300 feet.

There is a median in the middle and a turn around on the north side. 

That's why it takes us so long.  Being the weird people we are, shoveling does not bother us.

The barn across the street looked like a Christmas card.

By 2pm, driving was not too bad, and there were 11 of us for drumming.  I wondered if we were going to have to cancel it.

We moved a table from the kitchen to the library so now there is room for drumming in this part of the house.  Thank you Janice, Deb and Jean for bringing lots of goodies.

We made good progress today.  Had a couple of conga drums along with the djembes.  It will be so nice when we can practice's hard to imagine warm weather.

By the time everyone left, I had to get ready for evening chores.  It looked like this when I went out to the barn.

When I headed back to the looked like this.

Leftovers for good.

Now the temperature is plunging below zero, the fire is going and I am having a cup of hot water.
Night all.


Anonymous said...

You've got what we had, with more snow - good news is we're supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow.

Sharon Creech said...

It's beautiful and you're crazy (the shoveling).

Cloudia said...

lovely day in a WHOLE 'nother reality!


Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

diane b said...

And here I sit in airconditioning trying to keep cool. Funny old world. The snow is pretty and I guess shovelling keeps you warm.

Jill said...

Stay warm! I love the picture in your header. Is that Berlin? Beautiful.

Louise said...

Isn't it funny that it didn't feel as cold as it was? I noticed it too. I suppose that's dangerous, because it could tempt you to stay out longer than you should.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I know it's very cold and no fun for you but I am sure enjoying the beautiful pictures. I don't think I would mind shoveling snow either - it seems like it would be similar to mucking in terms of the whole rhythm of the motion creating a stillness inside. Oh, and I love your header painting. Beautiful!!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there ol' friend-frozen one!
Man...vengence is winters this year. We have had the one they predicted for us come true...Cccold and really wet. Floods and fog.
I love your Dreamy header of summer's bounty!

You stay warm and keep looking all the silvery really does look like magic when it snows like that!

Terry said...

Brrr! But the photos are beautiful. I love the "Skoog Farm" sign.

fromsophiesview said...

Now that's a full winter's day...North America is in the grip of ol' man winter for sure...OK spring...I'm patient really I am!