Thursday, January 27, 2011


                                          A very "bearable" morning.  Grey, mildish....quiet.

                            The first thing I had to do, was throw down some hay from the loft.

Notice the ropes that have been hanging there since we moved in 30 years ago.  The kids used to swing on them.

There's a chute from the upstairs to the first floor....that's where we throw the hay down and stack it in the feed room.

                                                               Can you see the hay?

Feeding Mustafa in the run-in while I clean stalls is working out very well.  It gives my horses a chance to eat some hay in peace before he comes out and wants to move them around.  He has been totally cooperative.

                     Got the ponies grained and out in the paddock, then I zipped through the stalls.

                                     Once again, the sun could not break through the clouds.

                                Headed back to the house about 9:30.  No reason to rush today.

                                             Seymour and Sid lounged the entire afternoon.

                                              Phoebe kept me company under the computer.

          When is was time for evening chores, it was snowing.  The temperature was near 32 today.

                                                   It was very dark by the time I went in.

                              Seymour, Gucci and Phoebe were ready to get out of the weather.

We each had a huge salad for dinner (and that was all).  First, I parboiled 2 boneless chicken breasts.

Then, I baked them with a couple of onions and a combo of low sodium Kikoman soy sauce, Good Seasons Italian Dressing and white wine.  Topped each piece of chicken with a heaping tablespoon of peach jam.  I usually do this in a pie plate with another one on the top for a cover.  Keeps everything nice and moist. 
To assemble....I started by chopping up some romaine.
 Then I removed the chicken from the pie plate and chopped it into bite sized chunks....
...pulled out the carmalized onions and added them.
Piled on 1 diced apple, toasted walnuts, crumbly blue and homemade croutons.  Used good seasons Italian Dressing made with a combo of cider/balsamic vinegar and olive/canola oil.

We both cleaned our plates.

During dinner we watched a movie which lasted until 8:45...."Serafina" a true story about a housekeeper who became an amazing painter (and whose work was shown in Paris in the 40s).  Very different.

Time for a nice hot shower.
Night all.


Carol said...

Wow - that salad is amazing... I love the idea of caramelizing the onions with the chicken, and then chopping them for the salad. I'm going to try that. And of course crumbled blue cheese, walnuts and apples would make almost anything taste delicious :) I make spinach salad with those 3 ingredients and my husband requests it if we go too long without it.
Great pictures.

Terry said...

Love your 4 legged barn crew.
We horse ladies work hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We had some warmer temps today too in the 30's. No snow yet though. Love your new header picture. As always your pictures of the crew are very nice and the salad looks wonderful.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Your new header picture is just amazing. I stared at it a long time before moving on to read your blog. Wow...

diane b said...

How does the hay get up into the loft? You must be the most original salad maker i know. I often copy them for us.

Unknown said...

A quiet day. The horses do not seem to care about the snow. Though they have a blanket, they may have a very thick hair.
See you soon

Sally said...

So much care, such dedication to your has to be very rewarding to have maintained this routine for so many years!

Your recipes are inspiring me to cook more...sometimes hard to think of things for one. This chicken salad looks good.

Sharon Creech said...

Each of your days is so interesting--hard work for you, but interesting to me. Feel a little guilty that I haven't mucked out any stalls by 9 am!

Louise said...

Lovely header picture. It's beautiful countryside out your way, and you have captured that sunset perfectly.

I, too, am going to try cooking chicken your way. It sounds like even someone with my meager skills could manage that.