Monday, December 27, 2010


I forgot to show you the painting our friend Sara did of L'orange.  She gave it to us Christmas Eve.

Looks just like him....don't ya think?

It was extremely cold here today (2 degrees with the windchill) so he was most happy to snuggle up in his little "cubicle/box/bed."

Barb got to the barn before me and discovered that part of Berlin's stall wall was blown out into the aisle.  We figure that something spooked her (like a cat fight).  Thor (a big short tailed cat) has been showing up in the barn and we think he has been picking on L'orange.  That's the only thing we can think of .  Berlin was not down and she is extremely quiet in her stall.  Guess we will never know.
She seemed fine, so we proceeded with chores.
Gary would have to put the wall back in place when he got back from coffee.  You can just imagine how thrilled he was.

It started to snow and the wind was nasty.  The Vet came for an appointment with Mustafa late morning and then we the horses back in the barn.    

Back to the house and made sure Sid and Seymour came in.

Started making some beans and greens for dinner.  Monday night!  Jenny and the boys.

First I sauteed some garlic and onions....then added a large can of crushed tomatoes and four cups of beef (or chicken) stock.

Sid was not interested.

At 4 I let the horses out....cleaned the stalls and set up for evening chores.  It did not seem quite as cold as it was this morning.

The sky was actually quite beautiful.

Got back in the house by 5:20.  Added beans, baby spinach and pasta to the soup.

Topped it with Romano cheese.

The salad...mixed greens, pears, walnuts, dried cranberries and onion.

Served with crusty Italian bread.

After dinner there was a competitive game of Junior Monopoly.

Followed by an outrageous Skyping with their cousins in Nevada.
Time for a cupa tea and the fire.

Night all.  Fortunately, we may get up into the low 40s in the next couple of days.


Maery Rose said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! The food makes my mouth water. Such good winter fare.

Carol said...

The food has actually distracted me from the horses :) That salad looks absolutely divine! I think you've inspired me.

Verde Farm said...

Sounds like a busy day at the Skoog Farm and a wonderful day, except for the wall. I just love to play board games and think it is a great family event. Hope you enjoyed the tea and the fire. Almost forgot--the cup looks just like her :)

Gayle said...

Low 40's sounds delightful. It's been one month of minus temps for us. I heard a rumor we are supposed to get above zero for New Year's Eve. We'll see. Looks like a fun family night. Neat that you are sticking to the Monday night dinners.

Victoria Cummings said...

I was so worried during the blizzard that one of our barn walls would do what yours did. I'm so glad that Berlin is okay. Now, about that gorgeous salad! I'm going to go out today and get some pears. You've made me hungry. How long will it be before L'Orange makes his way into the house? I'll bet he'd be very happy there.

Michelle said...

The soup and salad do look fabulous.

Jill said...

Love the L'orange painting! I bet it did scare you when you noticed Berlin's stall! Glad she is okay. Every time something like that happens here; I think about putting up one of those little wireless video cameras. Your soup looks delicious.

Val Ewing said...

If we get into the 40's with rain, we are going to have major ice jams, flooding and then the temps will dip...
and all roads will be ice.

I hate ice.
Hope you have good weather this week!

Sharon Creech said...

Enjoying your postings as usual. Salad and soup look yum, and that painting of L'Orange is terrific!

Jo said...

Sorry about Berlin being spooked, Lori. Your soup looks delicious and I'm always intrigued by your tasty ingredients in a salad. Will try it sometime. Have a warm evening and bundle up with your gorgeous kitties. (((Hugs))) Jo

elvira pajarola said...

Crissima Lori....I start with the end :
This fabulous pot of soup must have been sooo delicious......and even more beacause of the icecold weather...!

ahhh, why don't you start with reveiling some of your gorgeous receipes-secrets...? would be superfabulousdeliciously!!!!!

Certainly, your sweet kitties have got the warmest and coziest little nests!
Wonderful imagines of your lovely family!!!
Cara, i wish you a wonderful, joyful and happy new year; all my very best wishes to you and your family!

Un abbraccione ciao ciao elvira

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I thought the painting was the cat! The meal looks delicious. The snow is pretty. We are having your anticiapted 40's here in NE. Family games are such fun!