Friday, December 10, 2010


Not a very special morning.  I think it went down to 7 degrees last night and it was freezing when I went out to the barn.

By the time I finished (Gary helped), it was not exactly gorgeous, but the temperature was up in the low 20s.

No shoveling today....bonus time.

Gary split more wood and pulled my little trailer out to the driveway so I can get more sawdust.

Sid was prowling....

Made a trip over to Lima to pick up some cards I had made at Copy Town.  Passed a few interesting places but did not have much success taking pictures through the car windows.  By now, the temperature was 33.  Can you believe that it is not officially winter yet?

Here is one of the cards I had printed.  I was extremely happy with the way they all turned out.  It's a drawing by Lydia de Cabiedes, one of my art students who passed away a few weeks ago.  I knew her family would appreciate having them.

While I was driving all over the countryside, Gary met Finn and Coop at the bus and brought them here for dinner.  Jen had a reception so we had Friday night pizza from Ralph and Rosie's.  It was delish.

Both boys love to draw and paint.

Then....they made their debut on Skype.

A 36 minute conversation with their Aunt Steph and cousins Ariana and Daniela.

It took about 25 minutes to get them to settle excited!

So here is an example of their conversation....

Time for a hot shower.

Night all.


Sharon Creech said...

Pretty snow, but I know it's cold, and I don't have to be outside doing chores. Cute kids!

Terry said...

That clip is so cute!
The card is lovely, and such a thoughtful idea. I love the artwork in the upper right of the palomino in the snow. It's as pretty as a Christmas card.

allhorsestuff said...

Always good to warm up in bath or shower! Man, you got it cold there. Burrrr! Loved seeing Sid on the prowl.

That sure is a nice card , and thing you did for your friend that passed. Also, at top right of your blog, is that your work?

Hang in, can't wait to see your S.S.PHOTOS!

diane b said...

Skype is a great invention for families that live apart. The card was a lovely idea and the snow looks pretty.

Gayle said...

That's so wonderful that you've passed on your love of art to your grandkids. That is something they can use all throughout their lives.

Funny about winter. It is all relative to where you are. My winter started a long time ago and I'm ready for it to be done (and still have a long time to go).

Victoria Cummings said...

Lori - How thoughtful of you to make those cards. I'm sure her family will really appreciate it. We got a light dusting of snow last night. What's weird this year is all these temps in the teens before Christmas - Stay warm! My daughter and her cousins in California love to video chat - such a great way for kids to stay connected with family.

Michelle said...

So cute to see the boys skyping.

Inger said...

I know her family will appreciate the card -- it is beautiful. And you have real winter there. We had early snow in the canyon, but it's gone now and getting warmer here.

Unknown said...

What a handsome building that Avon Inn is. Is it still an Inn?