Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It was a day like all days...grey, no wind and getting milder.  Phoebe Bluegrass and Mademoiselle Gucci accompanied me to the barn, but no cats appeared until I put them back in the house.  Out came L'orange.

Then Sidney and Seymour showed up.

My sidekick Barb was on the scene and we got on with the morning chores.

It almost felt like a heatwave compared to the last two weeks.... ha ha.


King Mustafa....

(Ooops...there's Barb picking the paddock)


and Glen Aberlour (Abbe) were trying to have a nice quiet breakfast, but they were constantly being distracted.

Meanwhile back in the house....
Phoebe was doing her morning exercises....

along with her little sister...the Guch.

At 2 we jumped in the car and headed down to the Brockport Animal Hospital.  Gucci seemed to have a problem with one of her ears.

Of course it turned out to be a bacterial infection....cha ching....cha ching!  This month has been bleeding me with vet bills.

Got home in time to get near the fire, before going out to do chores.

Did not take my camera...until I get my little one back, I probably won't be taking as many pictures...don't like taking my good one out to the barn.

I LOVED  our dinner tonight.  A carrot/apple/dried cranberry/walnut salad (with a little lemon juice and mayo).

Roasted potatoes...better than any French Fries anywhere....

And veggie burgers (on oat nut bread) with swiss cheese and fried onions.

COMFORT FOOD that really hit the spot.

Now I am going to get COMFORTable like Seymour.

PS-I often wonder what makes people find this Journal, and why do they keep in touch?  Before this counter, I had about 10,000 hits and now there are over 90 some thousand more.  I'm over 100,000 and can't believe it.  Peanuts compared to the Pioneer Woman and Chickens in the Road, but so amazing.  Just a little pohdunk town in the middle of nowhere....a small horse farm....lots of sweet animals and a couple of retired baby boomers who like to sing, do art, work in the community, grow things and meet people from around the world.  Ain't life grand?  I appreciate you all so much.  Thanks for tuning in.  I want to meet everyone.

Night all.  Esther in Niger...Mike and Ann in England...Helen in Scotland...Dedene and Ronelle in France...Sabine in Germany...Terry in Colorado...Felicia in Philly...Gayle in Alaska...the whole gang on the west coast...Sara and her flock in Kentucky...SJ in Ithaca...Jon and Maria at Bedlam Farm...Sharon in Chautauqua...Sandy in California..Susie in Saudi...Elvira in Tuscany...Maery Rose, Cherie, Kate, KV, Carmon, Sally, Rebecca, Jill, Inger, Lynda, Arlene, Jo, Victoria, Ingrid, Nea, Frank, Sophie, Gail, Sunny, D,, I could go on and on.

Good night John Boy!


Anonymous said...

Barb looks well-equipped for paddock picking!

Love all your felines - I need to take pictures of ours - barn and home - some time.

Michelle said...

Can't remember how I found you, but I enjoy reading about your daily life. Goodnight!

Terry said...

Night to you too, Lori.
That's a meal I'd love.
I love your blog because you live a full and loving life with family and friends, and you do your best for the animal members of your family. I guess it's values we share, but in a different version of the US.

Gayle said...

I bet it does seem like a heat wave. Enjoy it! Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be mild the rest of the winter.

I had a cocker that got lots of ear infections. I was given a years supply of medicine to take care of it when it recurred to avoid hefty vet bills. Maybe you can get the same? Dogs with ears that flop over who are exposed to lots of moisture get this a lot. Good luck with it.

Jill said...

Lori, I know what you mean about the heat wave. It is in the 30s here today!!! I feel like I could go out in shorts. Ha. I enjoy your blog posts because of the many things we have in common. Horses, snow, garlic, art, dogs, cats and family. Love your photography as well! I hope you have a fantastic new year.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Loved all your pictures as usual but those two little pups have my heart. What a couple of cuties. Hope her ear clears up in no time.

I often wonder how people find a blog too, it amazes me that anyone would even care to read what I write sometimes. Anyway, wishing you and your family and critters a very healthy Happy New Year!

p.s.I'd love to meet you sometime too, you sure are a lot of fun.