Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I put on my new pink (already dirty) Muck Boots and shoveled my way out to the barn.

Fortunately, Gary created a path before going down to the village. 

I don't think L'orange has been coming up to the house at night....he was waiting for me when I opened the door.  He has two crates full of straw (covered with rugs)...gets warm water twice a day and has access to the warm basement 24/7.  His choice.  I swear he has doubled his weight since he arrived at the farm.

The ponies got extra hay's so darn cold.

I left the water trough partially covered to keep more of the heat in.

Gary helped me finish the stalls and I helped him finish shoveling the driveway...of course there is more snow falling.  I could not believe they opened the schools today.  The roads were covered with snow and the visibility was not very good at all.

The dogs ran around while we shoveled for a short period of time, but this was definitely an indoor day.

I tried to get a shot of some geese flying overhead but it didn't work.  The sun was covered with layers of snow.

So much for this morning...will add more later.

I'm back!  It's almost 7:30 pm and I just finished shoveling the driveway for the second time today...and it is still snowing.

The roads were so bad I did not want anyone to drive out to the farm for class, but Mel had left before I reached him and showed up for a 1 on 1.  He finished his fox drawing in colored pencil.  So different, with all the oranges.

I find it hard to believe that Sid and Seymour think going in deep snow is fun.  It was not even 10 degrees when they wanted to go out.  Of course they went down in the basement for the rest of the afternoon.  Bermuda probably liked the company.

Barb had chore duty tonight, but I went out about 4:15 and put the horses in early.  They braved the weather all day and were not smart enough to hang out in the indoor.

The lense on my camera was messed up from the snow, so things were not looking too crisp.

But you sure can feel what it was like here.

 Just another lovely fall day in Western New York.

At least I didn't have to make anything for dinner...we had lomain and chicken Helen leftover.  I mixed up some oranges and bananas on the side and it was a no brainer.  Tasted great.

Below are a couple videos of King Mustafa for Barb.  When I put the other horses in, he was not paying attention and could not find them.  He went back to the outdoor arena (who would know with all that snow) and called for them. And now, for today's weather....

Here is the second one.  Mustafa is a 17 hand Hanovarian...age 23 and gorgeous.  Sweet too.

I am so stiff from all the shoveling today, a hot shower is in order.  Hope you are warmer than we are!  Night all.


Louise said...

Isn't this miserable. I can take the snow, it's the darn cold that makes me grumpy. It's been "lake effecting" here since about 4 PM yesterday. Sure glad that I have no place in particular to go.

Stay warm and cozy.

Sharon Creech said...

How much harder all your chores are in this weather!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Lori, I am loving your photographs and news of your chores!

North Alabama is supposed to get freezing rain/some snow tonight. I believe that I will stay in.

Birdman said...

Boy, that looks COLD! Brrrrrrrrrr! Here in Maine getting 2 inches 2nite. That's all, but it'll come. I love your horse images too.

fromsophiesview said...

Mother Nature is raging I see. It's beautiful and certainly wants to make you hunker down. School open...just not fair!

diane b said...

We have heard on the news about the bad weather in north America. It certainly causes a lot of work for you. I feel sorry for people who have to go to work in it. Great shots. We are expecting temperatures in the high 90's F/ 30's C

Terry said...

I know it's a major pain, and dangerous, but your photos are beautiful.

Susan Ellis said...

Your photos capture the past day or two perfectly..and on this side of Lake Ontario/Erie et al, it's been a state of emergency, with 100's of motorists stuck overnight on the roads.Time to hunker down and consider...everything.

Inger said...

Thank you so much for this long photo essay of your and your critters day in the snow storm. I'm amazed you had the energy after all that shoveling and taking care of the animals. Here we just get the fun of the snow for a day or two and then it melts all on its own. No need for shoveling, something I am way too old to do anyway. Have a toasty and warm evening.--Inger

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

you poor thing, having to work in that weather but you are like me and the chores must be done. wondering if your horses have special shoes on or did you pull them for winter. your farm is very lovely!

Verde Farm said...

It sure is beautiful though. I really like the pictures with the messed up snow effect. It looks great. Your dinners always make me so hungry :)
Stay warm, Amy

Verde Farm said...

Forgot to tell you, love the pink muck boots :)

CoyoteFe said...

He is very gallant. I think you should make a movie with your King!

Anonymous said...

Just a few miles north in the village, it's a winter wonderland of the Christmas card variety. So beautiful to look at but a feat to shovel and bear the extreme cold. I admire your strength and dedication to your horses, et al. L'Orange looks well and happy in his thick winter coat. I so enjoy you and all your lucky animal friends....Sally
PS...Your pink boots are great!

Val Ewing said...

-22 as I awaken to a pink sky and a forecast that promises more SNOW!

Warmed water and good hay are such a must during this tough part of the year.

Oh, and a wonderful husband who can operate a skid steer and 'make paths with it'!
Saves on backs!
Take care, love your boots!

Gayle said...

The new snow looks lovely. The boys would love to have it for riding snow machines. We have -36* below again this morning. It's been cold for so many weeks now. Everyone is getting tired of being indoors. Your pups are having so much fun and I can barely push mine through the door! LOL