Monday, December 20, 2010


This morning was just like yesterday...grey and quiet.  Chore time was status quo.

Zoomed through the stalls.

Back in the house before 9:30.

After lunch, I had an appointment at the Brockport Animal Hospital.  L'orange Marmalade went in for an exam...leukemia test... distemper and rabies shots.  For all I know, it was his first time in a crate.

He was very cooperative when they came to get him.
Before Dr. Edwards saw him, he had blood drawn.
No way, was L'orange a wild cat before he moved into our barn.

He was purring through the entire examination.

His leukemia test was negative and he took his shots well.  He weighed almost 13 pounds.

 Back home by 3:30.  Monday night dinner at Jenny's after chores.

She made black bean burritos that were outstanding.

Finn and Coop set the sweet!  They wanted candlelight.

Instead of folding my burrito, I made it into a salad.  A little rice on the side....yum.

Check out the placemats the boys picked out.

After dinner we moved back to the kitchen for homework and dessert.

...while Jenny finished cleaning up the kitchen.

The Christmas tree made the living room very cozy.

Home before I want to watch the rest of the Closer.
Night all.


Terry said...

What a nice husky boy L'orange is.

Michelle said...

Funny about the cat purring throughout the exam. A bit unusual!

Gayle said...

Such a beautiful family night together. Glad the cat was so cooperative since he's a bit of an unknown.

diane b said...

I like the cat balancing on a fence post.

Victoria Cummings said...

I'm getting very good vibes from this orange cat. I think he's a good luck spirit for your barn. He knows he's found a safe, happy place and he appreciates it.

Sally said...

Trying again!

Sally said...

b Hi

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

There is something just so relaxing and enjoyable about reading your posts--And I'm glad it was a good news for L'orange too!!

Unknown said...

Nice the cat has no desease. Happy cat purring at the vet !
Here it's pouring. The riding lesson has been canceled because of the rain. It will be for another time.
See you soon

Rose - Watching Waves said...

Hi, Lori!
I dropped by to thank you for your kind words on my blog. I just wish I had a way with words like Rebecca does, but I accept your compliment with humble gratitude and happiness. You have a wonderful site yourself! I love the natural rhythm of it, the ease and comfort of living companionably and in harmony with the earth. So many of us live in dis-harmony, imposing our needs and desires on the natural cycles. You have an obvious love for the world and all its inhabitants. Beautiful blessings on you and all you do! I checked out your drumming site, too. Awesome! I'd love to do that! There's a group that gathers near our pier in Huntington Beach and it's so stirring to listen to them and watch the waves. Thanks for visiting me!

Louise said...

13 pounds! That's a big boy! I'm so glad that he found your home, and has made it his. I'm with Victoria Cummings! I think he will bring good luck to your farm.

sandy said...

Been catching up the last few days here and so sorry to read about Pony. That is sad!